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April 24, 2018 By: Ron Darrah
M. C. Mortality Records, 1872-1881
We just added this great database to our Members 1 section, all 500 pages from Jane Darlington's book. It's word searchable and chock full of  death records that predate the state requirement. [We also have it on CD for $10, if you want your personal copy. The book was $35 before it went out of print.]
April 17, 2018 By: Ron Darrah
IPS School 59
We just added an extensive collection of Attendance and Promotion Student Registers for IPS Merle Sidener School 59. Did your Grandma attend 59 in the 20's or 30's? How did she do grade-wise? 
April 14, 2018 By: Ron Darrah
Marion County Probate Records
We just added in the Members Databases Marion County Probate Records, January 1830 to August 1852. Surname Searchable!
April 13, 2018 By: Darlene Anderson
Remember our program April 14
Saturday, April 14
Meaning of Squire, Mr or No Prefix on Virginia documents  (GSMC Program)
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
GSMC Research Library, 9370 E. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46229
Program speaker Rose Ann Sigborn from Danville Public Library
April 11, 2018 By: Ron Darrah
New IPS Resourses
We just added IPS Centennial Histories for Schools 19, 20, 39, and 64. (Many thanks to the Indianapolis Public Library for sharing these scans.) Also we added a 1950-56 Alumni Directory for the Practical Nursing School. [What? You didn't know IPS used to train nurses?]
April 6, 2018 By: Ron Darrah
Digital Resources
Between the Members Databases and the Public Databases, we have now reached
450 digital resources for Marion County research! Now is a good time to be a GSMC member! 
April 1, 2018 By: Ron Darrah
Trinity Episcopal Church
(Member Databases) We just added Parish Registers, 1919-1970 for this Church. Happy Easter!
March 29, 2018 By: Ron Darrah
We just added a new Naturalizations category in Member Databases with two searchable data files. Any of your folks there?
March 26, 2018 By: Ron Darrah
New Church Records
We just added two new Church records: Linwood/Eastern Heights Christian Church History, 1916-1966 and
Linwood Christian Church Directory, 1974. This congregation at 4424 East Michigan St. has been around for
over 102 years. [Donated by Wanda Hartley] 
February 23, 2018 By: Ron Darrah
New Databases
We just added three new databases in Members Only:
   1. History of Clermont, Wayne Township
   2. Allisonville: A Crossroads Village; Lawrence Township 
   3. Deaths in City Hospital, 1895, Center Township 
We hope some members get some new leads on their families from these latest GSMC assets.