Old Silvey Cemetery (LA119)
Read by Elizabeth Huffman Hague
            This cemetery is located east of Hague Road near the intersection of Sargent Road (6500 South) and Fall Creek Road.  It cannot be seen from the road.  It is directly behind the house at 7863 Fall Creek Road, which is west of the water pumping station.  "It is southwest of the station approximately 100 yards into the wooded area . . .", according to Lawrence Township Trustee, Carl Specker.  The cemetery is up a hill, and there are 'no trespassing' signs.  The cemetery is small and had been recently mowed when I visited it on May 6, and again in Early October, 1995.  There are about 6 unknown stones.
Lelia M., dau. of G.W. & L.M. Henry            died Mar. 5, 1900            aged 10m, 25d
Alexander Crawford            1838-1892
Sarah J., his wife      1841-1923
A. C.
A. C.
(base only)  daut. of C.P. & L.J. Meldrum
Mary A. Mildrum            Feb. 26, 1814 - Sep. 2, 1886
at rest   Nancy Zook    Jan. 15, 1826 - Oct. 21?, 1890            (old stone)
Nancy Zook            January 15, 1822            October 21, 1890            (new stone)
Jacob Zook            died Nov. 26, 1876            aged 59y, 2m, 25d            (old stone)
Jacob Zook            September 1, 1817            November 26, 1876            (new stone)
in cement around the new stone:  Oct. 5, 1993
William M., son of J. & Nancy Zook                died March 11, ____    21y, ?               (old stone is broken)
Wm. M. Zook              Dec. 3, 1841    March 11, 1863            (new stone)
infant son of B. & S. Zook            born & died Oct 12, 1876
Minnie B. Zook            daughter of B. & S. Zook    born Feb., 3, 1877            3y, 3m, 5d
(these are together and there is no old stone)
Ida J. Zook            died Jan. 18, 1887            aged 22y, 10m, 10d            "gone but not forgotten"
IHIS.            ____ill_          (top part of broken stone . . .
probably fits together with broken stone laying beside it:)
A.J. New____            died Apr. 11, 1866            9y, 2m, 16d
Over the river the b__lman[?] pale
Carried another household pet
Her brown curls waved in the gentle gale
Darling ___ I see her yet
She ___ed on her bosom her dimpled hand
And carelessly ______ phantom b___.
James P. Murch    died Dec. 16, 1871            aged 75y, 11m, 22d            (south side)
Lucy Wheeler            wife of James Murch            died Dec. 24, 1883            85y, 8m, 2d(north side)
Emma, wife of J.D.Shaser                 died April 4, 1880            2_y, 2m, __d
Jonney, son of A.C. & G.W. Church                        died Jan. 31, 1872            aged 1y, 10m, 28d
John H. Reynolds            died Nov. 5, 1870            55y, 10m, 25d
Charlotte Silvey  1834-1871    mother
Patienceluan?, dau of Wm. & C/G Silvey            died May 25, 1863            aged 1y, 5m, 18d
John Silvey            died May 30, 1858            aged 25y &
Sleep brother dear and take [your] rest
God called you home, He thought it best
'Twas _____ in deed to part with thee
But Christ's strong arm supported me.
(this stone is face up, flat on the ground)
Eddie, son of Thomas & Margaret Silvey  died Aug. 30, 1863            aged 6m, 4d
Margaret, wife of [Thomas] Silvey            (broken)
(broken)            aged 21y, _m, 27d            verse
Louvina, wife of Thomas P. Silvey  died Mar. 24, 1869            aged 40y, 7m, 22d
John R., son of T. & M. Silvey            died July 6, 1871            aged 1y, 19m, 6d
Lizzie Dorie, dau. of C. & M. Byers                     died Sep. 19, 1865            3y, 1d
(broken)             22d            Gone, gone from ____ the . . .
infant son of T.P. & E.E? Silvey  died Dec 6, 1870
Alexander            1831-1894
Sarah J.            1833-1903
George M.            1858-1905
(newer stone, but fallen over, possibly off base)
George M.
(possibly footstones, these are the same style as those listed below)
Martha B.
Mary J.
(these stones are alike, possibly footstones)
Robert Johnson            died Jan. 14, 1854            aged 69y, 11m, 12d            (south side)    
Sarah, wife of Robert Johnson            died Nov. 28, 1868            aged 76y, 11m, 25d            (north side)
(this is a big monumnet whose top has broken off)
There is another section to this cemetery located west of this monument and up a small hill.
In this section there are two bases and an unknown stone, as well as "Mother" and "Father".
Sarah Jane, daut. of John C. & I.I.? Johnston                     died Sept. 26, 1851            12 yrs.
Isabelah, wife of John Negley                        died Sep. 15, 1842            36y, 5m
___n Calvin Johnston                     (big stone broken into three parts)
Jesse McKinzie, son of _ & E. McKinzie            died Aug. 19, 1848            8y, 10m, 9d
George, son of J. & I. Negley            died Mar. 11, 1813 (this is probably 1843)   6m, 17d
John W. Riley            born June 1818            died Apr. 15, 1877            (Masonic Symbol)
Hiram R.Newkirk?            died June 5, 18__            aged ?            (Masonic Symbol)
at rest   our Father & Mother(north side)
John Newkirk              died Aug 22, 1864            80y, 6d            (east side)
Isabel, wife of John Newkirk              died Sept. 8, 1870            79y, 8m, 18d            (west side)
large fallen monument
Jesse Herrin            born March 10, 1806                died Oct. 30, 1890            90y, 7m, 20d            (west side)
Celia Herrin            born May 15, 1797            died Feb. 5, 1880            82y, 9m, 20d            (east side)
Farewell my children farewell all
From you a mother Christ doth call
Mourn not for me it is in vain
To call me to your sight again
Sarah Jane, wife of Caleb B. Carson            born May 29, 1860            died March 10, 1886
May Levette, daut. of Caleb B. & Sarah J. Carson            born Jan. 7, 1882            died March 1, 1883
James W., son of T. & A. Herin   born Nov. 6, 1861            died Dec. 8, 1869
Mary L., daut. of Thomas & Amelia Herrin              died May 23, 1886            17y, 6d
Amelia, wife of Thomas Herrin            born Mar. 4, 1841            died Apr 2, 1880            39y, 28d
(large stone laying on the ground)