Vorhies Cemetery
3900 Bluff Road, Indianapolis, PerryTownship, IN
Tombstones read: 27 August, 2003
by Dave Wright  --  Genealogical Society of Marion County
Location:  Cemetery is located on what used to be the Vorhies farm on the west side of Bluff Road, between two homes.  The cemetery is on a hill and not visible from the road, with only a concrete steps leading to a narrow gate and the top of the enbankment.  It is surrounded by an old chain link fence, with a double gate opening into the driveway of the neighbor to the north.  The neighbor is new to the area but reports commercial lawn care companies paid by the “city” (Perry Township Trustee?) have mowed, supplemented by mowing by the neighbor himself.
All 16 tombstones are located toward the back (West) of the lot which is about 60’ x 250’ in length.  Most stones face the East.  The neighbor believes the lot contains many now unmarked graves on the front two thirds. 
Mausoleum?  There is a small brick structure, about 10’ square, with a rounded brick roof on the NW corner with no inscriptions or identification facing the South.  It presumably is a small mausoleum.  Portions of the brick are covered with a thin masonry coat, presumably to help preserve the brick and mortar structure.  Three circular air vents are present, one on the front and two on the rear.  The neighbor reports an open wood door can be seen from their side of the structure.  The building is.  Six iron pieces are mortared around on the front and appear to be part of the original door frame.  Rounded, decorative tile remains on the SW top corner.
Turpin, Mahala France            Died Dec. 25, 1903      red, arched polished granite stone
Hornbuckle, Dau. of C.H. & G.A.,     died Dec. 21, 1892, aged 9y 10m 23d
Patterson family monument      3 tiers on a pedestal, 6’ tall
            On the East (front) side:
                        Albert G. Patterson                   Jan. 6, 1866     Mar. 2, 1883
                        Eady M. Patterson                    Apr. 4, 1876    Jan. 21, 1882
            In the North side:
                        Marion M. Patterson                Jan. 7, 1828     June 21, 1892
                        Martha A. Patterson                 Nov. 19, 1832    May 7, 1877
            Two markers in front of the monument are inscribed: “Mother” & “Father”
            To the north, a third marker says “Albert”
Vorhies, Harriett Vail--Dau. of J.B. & Lou Vorhies      Died Apr. 20, 1876, aged 2 yrs & 7m 17ds
            (four line inscription at bottom of 4’ monument cannot be read – moss covered)
Wright, Lorenzo Dow  Born Jan. 12, 1810       Died Aug. 26, 1882
            (8’ polished granite monument facing East –West side has date “1883”)
Wright, Anne   “my _____”     George Wright Died Oct. 21, 1861, aged 60 yr 3 mo. 19 d
Williams monument                 5’ tall, 3 pieces
            South side:        Eady J. wife of J.M. Williams        Born Sept. 17, 1827      Died July 3, 1885
            East side:     Anna, Dau. of John M. and E.J. Williams, b. Sept. 30, 1863; d. Jan. 12, 1883
Williams, Josephine     ___2 lines can’t read___, d. May (?) 1871 (?) aged 2 mo 4 d
Williams, __EE, dau. of  _____ Williams, died Apr. 6 (?) 1849, aged 3 m & 20 d
Williams, Mary E., dau of ___ & ___ Williams, died Oct. 20, 1852, aged 1 y & 1 m
Infant              (no other info)
____    a broken off stone
Lemaster, Zacharia     Died May 21, 1838 (?), aged 15 y 9 m 15 d
Lemaster, Mary E.      Died July 31, 1851       Aged 21 y 4 m & 10 d
Lemaster, Manuel       (stone leaning, badly worn)
Lemaster, Nancy        Died June 13, 1830 Aged 21 y 11m & 22 d   (stone flat on ground)
??? – Base of stone in ground –next to above tombstone

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