Cumberland Cemetery Burial List
Warren Township, WR044
Data Entry by Cheryl Dixon from a May, 1990 list in the State Library
[Note: Four tombstones may have been removed entirely. Lots of broken tombstones are scattered around the cemetery.]
Barton, Eliza
Sloan James
Bonge Hannah
Smith, George
Bonge, Frank
Snyder, Carrie
Cole(?) Augustis
Snyder, Henry
Ebaugh, J. R.
Snyder, James F.
McConnel, James
Snyder, Lauren
Nicholas, Elizabeth
Snyder, Mary
Rice, Willie
Rigva, Cludo
Travis, Isaac
Eliza Barton, wife of Frederick Barton
February 15, 1855
Stone behind Barton’s cannot be read
George W. Smith, son of E. & S. Smith
November 18, 1852
Isaac Travis
August 12, 1856
Willie Rice
September 10, 1852
William H. Snyder
1y 8m 28d
March 23, 1837
James F. Snyder
6y 2m 5d
October 21, 1843
Lauren Snyder
126y1m 28d
April 21, 1856
Henry Snyder
58y 4m 16d
December 23, 1869 (?)
Mary Snyder
2y 4m 12d
February 17, 1842
Carrie Snyder
21y 5m 23d
August 29, 1863
Milton - An organization symbol is engraved on the stone
March 26, 1867
Name illegible
24y 8m 14d
September 23, ?
Elizabeth Nicholas, wife of Henry Nicholas
54y 10m 3d
July 5, 1871
Name illegible
66y 6m
July 1868
Tombstone illegible (enclosed in a fence)
Nancy, wife of William
48y, 9m
August 11, 1839
J. R. Ebaugh - Has words or poem, but can’t make them out
September 13, 1841
April 1898
Tall tombstone
March 25, (?)
Small tombstone, illegible
In Memory of James McConnel
"His sun went down" Symbol of a hand with a finger pointed upward
No date
James Sloan
January 27, 1788
August 31, 1858
Gludo Rigva (?) Broken tombstone
Frank Bonge
Hannah Bonge
Augustis Cole (?), 11th infantry
A. W. -  (on the inside of a black fenced area)
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