Muesing Cemetery, WR046
Warren Township, Marion County, Indiana
To go to Muesing Cemetery, drive east on Washington Street from I-465 on the eastside, turn right (south) on German Church Road; go south on German Church to Prospect Street. Turn left (east) on Prospect and drive to Muesing Road; turn right (south) on Muesing and drive south.
About ½ mile south Muesing Road turns in an S-pattern to the right. If you could go straight ahead at the first turn, the cemetery would be directly in front of you, on a small bluff over Muesing Creek. There is no good way to get there, just go through a yard or field.
            Students of Warren Central High School wrote the below article for their “History of Warren Township,” in 1989. The source of some of their information is uncertain.

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