Witte Cemetery (WR088)
Warren Township, Marion County, Indiana
Stone Reading by Cliff Duffer and Ron Darrah, August 2002
Additional notes added following the reading.
            To visit Witte Cemetery, go east on Washington Street from I-465 on the city’s eastside. Turn right (south) on German Church Road and drive south to Prospect Street. Turn right (west) on Prospect and very quickly turn right again (north), on Tanninger Drive and into the Grassy Creek housing subdivision.
            Continue north on Tanninger Drive until you come to Midnight Drive. Turn left [west] on Midnight and drive west--you will get close to Witte Cemetery. You should park near the red brick house at 702 Midnight Drive, walk down the edge of the grass between 702 and the house to the west. The cemetery is behind 702, in a fenced enclosure. The fence is relatively new and the area well kept.
Stone Readings and Additional Notes
All the stones in this cemetery are in German. Born is abbreviated as “Geb,”
presumably Geboren; Died is “Gest,” presumably Gestorben.
A.        The dominant stone in the cemetery contains the following three names:
Friederich Witte         born 27 Nov 1824       died 20 Apr 1905
Christina Witte           born 26 Oct 1823        died 24 Feb 1860
                                       Frau von F. Witte         Uller [=age?] 36y, 3m, 28d
Louife Witte                born 5 Nov 1836         died 5 Feb 1911
                                       Frau von F. Witte
The three smaller stones arrayed in a triangle in the photo above are marked for the same three people. The stone in back is the top part of the large stone.
            1. The Indiana Pre-1851 Database shows Frederick Witte marrying Christiana Wesing in Marion County on 5 Apr 1847. Christina is on the 1850 Census, but not the 1860.
            2. Both the 1850 and 1860 Indiana Census list Freidrich as Frederick; the 1850 lists Frederick and Christina born in Germany, the 1870 says Prussia.
            3. The Marion County Probate Book T, pg. 169, confirms the death date of Frederick and lists his wife as Louisa Witte. The Probate record also lists sons Andrew H.W. Witte and William C. F. Witte
B.         The first stone in the second row is the following:
Caroline Witte            born 11 Dec 1794        died 5 Feb 1868
                                    Frau von D. Witte         Uller 73y, 8m, 24d
     Note: The 1860 Indiana Census, pg. 354, lists Caroline Witt, age 60, listed with Derrick Witt, both born in Germany.
C.        The second stone in the second row is the following:
Diederich Witte          died 26 Nov 1858
                                                Uller [ban ungefer or mgefer?]   58 Jahre [=age?]
D.        The third stone in the second row is the following:
Herman Witte            born 1 Jun 1852           died 9 Aug 1853
                                                Uller 1y, 2m, 7d
E.         The fourth stone in the second row is the following:
Elenor Witte               born 21 Aug 1854        died 27 Aug 1856
                                                Uller 2y, 6d
     Note: The 1860 Census, pg. 274, lists Frederick, Sr. with son Frederick, 12; daughter Christina, 9; son Charles, 3, and
                son Christian, 1.
                Possibly graves D and E above are children between Christina and Charles.
F.         The first stone in the row next to the fence is the following:
                        [No Name]  Das Tucbtevlein  ben 15 Jul 1864
                                                (Bible Reference?)
G.        The second stone in the fence row is the following:
                        Ludwig Witte              born 3ugeft       died 4 May 1871
                                                            (Bible Reference?)       
H.        The third stone in the fence row is the following:
                        Sophie Witte               born 15 Feb 1865   died 25 Aug 1867
                                                            Uller 1y, 8m, 10d
                                                            (Bible Reference?)

I.          The fourth stone in the fence row is the following:
                        [No Name]      Das Todtgeborne Cohnlein   died 5 Jun 1869
                                                            (Bible Reference?)
The Witte Farms Listed on the 1889 Marion County Plat Map

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