Hopewell Cemetery (LA054)
8209 Sargent Road, Indpls., Indiana
Read by Elizabeth Huffman Hague
             This cemetery is cared for by the Lawrence Township Trustee and is located on the east side of Sargent Road about 8200 north.  There are probably many stones missing as there are large spaces between most of them.  There were at least 15 unknown stones when I read them in the Spring of 1992.  In the Spring of 1987 when I visited there were also stones containing the names Ayres, Casseter, Flanigan, and Beam.
John, husb. of Mary Galliher             b. May 23, 1804            d. March 18, 1856
James A/R, son of John ____Hoss    b. Jan 21, 1852            d. Nov. 11, 1855
Mary A., dau. of Henry & Sarah Hartman            b. Sept. 18, 1855            d. Sept. 11, 1856
James O., son of Henry & Sarah Hartman            b. Sept. 24, 1853            d. Oct 31, 1854?
John W., son of Wm. & M. Fertig  d. Dec 20, 1860; aged 2y, 18m, 21d
Sarah, wife of James H. Day              d. Apr 7, 1880            ; aged 43y, 4m
(broken) Jan. ______; aged 9m, 9d
infant dau. of T.H. & S.E. Wright d. Aug. 6, 1874            (north side)
John F., son of T.H. & S.E. Wright d. Feb. 18, 1878; aged 5m, 21d            (south side)
H/M T. Cassety?            b. Mar. 5, 1852            d. Jan. 15, 1872
Eliza Ellen, dau. of P.J. & Mary Brown d. Jan. __ 1832/52?; aged 1y, 8m, 21d
A.? Elmira, wife of David W. Fee            d. Jan. 5, 1858?; aged 28y?
John T.
Elizabeth, wife of Jas. N. McCoy            d. Mar 31, 1881; aged 61y, 2m, 21d
Laura A., wife of H. McCoy               d. Jul. 2, 1880; aged 28 y, 10m, 28d
M.A.C.   (leaning against above stone)
J.R.Tate            Apr. 17, 188_; aged 28Y, 11m, 4d
Sarah, wife of Samuel Hague*            d. Aug. 31, 1879; aged 73y, 28d
(At one time these were two separate stones, but the Tate monument has been placed on the Hague base.)
Hoss (on ground)
Mary H. Eskewb. Apr. 10, 1817            d. Jul. 11, 1879            (west side )
John _ Eskew              b. Jan. 15, 1854            d. Jul 26, 1855                      (north side)
Henry Crook               d. Jan.? 27, 1853; aged 25y, 8m, 22d
Eliza Jane, dau. of C. & S.J. Morgan                       d. Feb. 14, 1872; aged 17y, 2m, 7d
Wm. H. Beaver            b. Apr 2, 1838                        d. Jan. 1, 1883
Conrad Fertig Jr.        b. May 14, 1830            d. Oct. 5, 1860
Anna Mary, wife of Conrad Fertig Sr.            1795-1876    (a newer stone, fallen over)
Conrad Fertig              d. Sept. 13, 1852; aged 56 y, 10m, 23d
_____, dau of M. & F. _______            (small obelisk)
Carlinda, wife of Jos. Apple               d. ____ 25, 1890; aged 24 y, 11m, 25d
Martha J., wife of William Robb   d. Apr. 10, 1856; aged 24 y, 11m, 24d
John Hoss Sr.              d. Mar 19, 1859; aged 29?y, 10m, 2d
* Information collected by my husband's grandmother, Helen Dawson Hague (1985-1984), indicate that other Hagues buried here are:  Samuel Hague (b. 25 Jul 1811), his wife Elizabeth McCashland Hague (14 Apr 1812-28 Feb 1850), their daughter Martha Jane Hague (1836-1854; died of Cholera), and son Benjamin Jonas Hague (b. 1837).  I have no other proof these people are buried here.
Lucinda E., wife of W.H. McIlwain            d. Dec. 1, 1898; aged 23y, 2m, 15d            (obelisk)
Mary E., wife of Michael Fertig  d. Apr 30, 1861; aged 23 y, 10d            (west side)
_____ Fertig, dau. of M. & M.E. Fertig            d. Sept. 28, 18_9; aged 1y?       (south side)
Alta M., dau. of M.? & S.Beaver            d. Mar. 2, 1883; aged 17 y, 9m, 20d
ZeliaBeaver (mother)                       b. May 7, 1821            (death date not carved)(west side)
HenryBeaver (father)             b. Mar. 15, 1814            d. Feb 12, 1876            (east side)