George Beaver or Bill's Cemetery (LA085)
Read by Elizabeth Huffman Hague
            This cemetery is in the very northeast corner of Marion County  on Geist Reservoir (in Admiral's Bay) and when I visited it in May, 1992, there were houses being built all around it.  I don't know how the stones fared with so much heavy equipment around.
            Go north on County Line Road to Old Stone Drive (north of 86th Street).  Turn west (left) and go to the first street on the right, Anchor Bay Drive.  Turn north (right) and go up past Richlane to a street sign marked Walnut Grove.  The cemetery is in the woods across the street from 9103 Anchor Bay Drive and is straight west of the fire hydrant.
            This cemetery was overgrown and unkempt and the land around it was being developed.  It was read on May 26, 1992; and there were 12 unknown stones (stones that were too worn, broken, etc.).
Elizabeth, wife of Solomon Bills     died Feb. 19, 1871; aged 64y & 12 days
Aaron Bills            Co. K, 12th Ind. inf.
__cy  ___(broken)   ___ & ___ ___? Bills            died June 8, 1871; aged __m & 28d.
Sarah, wife of Henry Beaver              died May 5, 1862/7; aged 66 yrs & 5 m.
Abraham Beaver?  (broken and worn, name questionable.)
Sibby, dau. of Henry & S. Beaver            died Jan. 1849; aged 17/12 years
William, son of Henry & S. Beaver            died (broken)
Henry Mock            died July 29, 1819; aged 39y, 2m, & 20d.
Worthington W., son of W.H. & Mary A. Harrison              died Apr. 4, 1854; aged 2y, 3m, & 9d
John, son of Henry & _____ Mock            died Sept. 3, 1844; aged 9m & 25 d.
Susannah, ____ of _____ Mock  died July ?, 1853; aged ??
Simeon Mock            died Aug. 29, 1883; aged 70y, 8m, & 29d.            Masonic Symbol
M. E. M.
Margarete/Margaret S., wife of SimeonMock            died Sept. 27, 1862; aged 27y, 8m, & 22d.
S. B.
M. M.
J. Fal(eo)n(a)r     (stone broken)