Piel Cemetery
Warren Township, Marion County, Indiana
Read by Mrs. R. Griffin, 1941
Transcribed by Dave Wright from GSMC Library records
This cemetery is on Raymond St. ¼ mile east of Fort Road.  It has a fence around it and one lone pine tree in the center.  The stones are all in German and stacked against a tree. Halloween boys carried some of the stones away a few years ago.
Mrs. Fred Teutenberg lives nearby, and is a descendant of the Piel family.  She said there were four adults buried there. 
Bade, ______                                          Her uncle
Piel, _______                                          Her aunt
Piel, Frederick              Died 1879?      Her grandfather           The stone is still standing but inscriptions are partly obliterated.
Piel, ________                                        Frederick’s wife           Not named by informant. Has no stone
Seven or eight babies or small children were also buried there before Mrs. Teutenberg’s birth:
Shackel, ______          Baby
Naul, ________           about 1865
Others not named.  No Bible records were obtainable on these burials.
                                                Mrs. Ransom Griffin
                                                5858 Central Ave.