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View Record  929.2 A21a Airy: John Airy and William Pray Familes, The Airy, John Madison
View Record  929 B21co Baldwin Family, The Cordell, Gene and June
View Record  Barnes Family, The; A History Funk, Sandra Henselmeier
View Record  Baxter/Hickman/Fogarty Families, Genealogical Notes, of Indianapolis
View Record  929.2 B31b Bayliss Family of Virginia Blum, Willetta Baylis and William Blum, Sr.
View Record  920.1 F35b Blackburn: Some Descendants of Lafayette Blackburn of Marion County Mello, C.
View Record  929.4 I21bly Blythe, Vol. I Brigance, Pat Hicks
View Record  Bright: Ancestry of Leslie Henry Bright Hartley, Wanda and Darrah, Ron
View Record  929.4 Ma21br Brooks: Thomas Jefferson Brooks and His Family
View Record  Brown: George Brown Family That Settled in Lawrence Township, Marion Co., Indiana; 1987
View Record  Bryan: Mary Bryan of Southport; also Hunt Family DAR
View Record  920.1 F21b Buchanan: Families of Robert & Joseph Buchanan, The Jones, H.
View Record  917.5 F35c Carroll Family
View Record  929 B21cor Clayton: Thomas Clayton Cordell, Gene and June, comp.
View Record  Cooper: Jeremiah Starr Cooper Family Bible Records: of Tipton County and Indianapolis, 1986 Prepared by Mrs. Micheal Bray - Records Chairman
View Record  929.2 B31 Cordell: Descendants of John W. and Agnes Cordell Cordell, Gene and June
View Record  920.1 G35d Dawson Family of Indiana Hague, Elizabeth
View Record  929.1 G03j Doran Family of Indianapolis Jones, Patricia Doran
View Record  Drehobl: Josef & Anna Maria (Lenz) Drehobl Family; From Kreuzberg, Bavaria, Ger. to Bedford, IN, 1883-1885 Hutton, Edward L.
View Record  929.2 B31n France Duvall: Mareen Duvall of Middle Plantation France
View Record  929 B31e Ericson: Ancestors of Tillie Sturm Ericson and Their Descendants in America, The Ericson, Tillie Sturm
View Record  920 M21e Evans: J. Beatrice Evans, A Memorial Tribute to Julia Beatrice Evans
View Record  Family History - Mid-Atlantic Genealogies, 1340 - 1940 Family Archives Series
View Record  Family History - New England, 1600's to 1900's Family Archives Series
View Record  Family History - Pennsylvania, 1740 - 1900 Family Archives Series
View Record  Family History - Southern Biographies, 1500's to 1940 Family Archives Series
View Record  920.1 G35f Fish: Indiana Descendants of Jonathan Fish, 1770-1846 Fricke, Douglas C.
View Record  Founders and Patriots Society; Founders of Early American Families: Emigrants from Europe 1607-1657 [Revised Edition] Colket, Meredith B.
View Record  917.3 R18fe Frakes Chronicles, The; Cataloging 150 Years of Military Service, 1750-1900 Frakes, George Rogers
View Record  920.1 G35f Franklin, John -- An American Hero and His Progeny Franklin, D.
View Record  FAM HIS Gin Ginder Families in the United States Moudy, Vera Mae (Ginder)
View Record  Givan Family; The Givan Family Genealogy From 1634 To Current Givan, George M. and Anna E.
View Record  FAM HIS Giv Givan: The Givan Family 1634-1920 in France, Scotland, Ireland, England and America: In the Home Life and in The Forum of Public Welfare as Citizens, Soldiers, Artisans, Educators, Lawyers, Jurists, Ministers Given, T. S.
View Record  Goodwin Family History and Genealogy: Volume 1
View Record  Goodwin Family History and Genealogy: Volume 2
View Record  Goodwin Family History and Genealogy: Volume 3
View Record  920.1 F35g Griffin: Ancestry of Floronne Leah Griffin Kerchal, D. R.
View Record  920.1 F35r Hackemeyer: Growing Up On the Wolf Pike: Life in the Hackemeyer and Roberts Families Grace Hackemeyer Roberts
View Record  929.2 M21h Hague Family of Marion County, IN, The Hague, Elizabeth Huffman, comp.
View Record  Hammond History Eugene Sears and Barbara Long
View Record  920.1 F35h Hartpence Family In America Heer, E.
View Record  929.2 M21p Herpich Family, The Plummer, Morris A.
View Record  920.1 F35j Hessling: Bernard Hessling and His Sisters Jones, P. D.
View Record  Hinchman Family In America, From 1637 To Present Hinchman, L. J.
View Record  929 B21hu Huddleston Family Tables Huddleston, George, compiler
View Record  920.1 F35h Hueber: Descendants of Nicholas and Victoria Hueber Schindler, J.
View Record  Hutton: Hutton Memories Inman, Janice & Whitaker, June
View Record  Hutton: Life and Times of Edward L. Hutton, Vols. 1 & 2 Hutton, Edward L.
View Record  Hutton: The Huttons of Southern Indiana, 1700-2000; Also Bruce, Jackson,Swango,Walters,Payton,Denson,Drehobl,Traud Families Hutton, Edward L.
View Record  920.1 G35i Iddings and Their Forebears, The - Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 Iddings Association
View Record  920.1 G35j Jackson Genealogy
View Record  Jansen: Travels of John Jansen, The Ron Darrah
View Record  920 31c Jarnagin Collection and Allied Families Clark, Glenn Susong
View Record  977.2 H22a Jones: Mystery Solved, or Where is Rebecca Jones Alloway, R.
View Record  920.1 F35j Jones/Lightfoot: The Search for William Jones and Nancy Lightfoot
View Record  920.1 G35k Kennedy Family Records
View Record  Klingenschmidt: Descendants of Philip Klingenschmidt Bowen, Thomas
View Record  920.1 F35k Korra-Mahrdt Connection Korra, Herbert
View Record  Kothe Family, 1748-1891 Kothe, William (Update-Kothe, Herman W.)
View Record  920.1 F35l Laposa: Our Common Ancestor -- John Laposa, 1889-1962
View Record  920.1 F35l Long: John Long of Taunton, Massachusetts Long, David
View Record  929.9 M21b Lukas: History of Lukas-Harold Bowles, Gene
View Record  920.1 G35m MacDonald Genealogy
View Record  929.1 M21g McMath: Indianapolis Memory Book, The Thomas Brodie McMath Family (from 1898) Gifford, Frances McMath
View Record  920.1 F35m Messersmith Family: From Germany to Marion County Tuttle, Dorothy
View Record  FAM HIS MIT Mitchell: Ancestors of Huldah Morris Mitchell; DAR Series 2, Volume 164 Marshall, Arthur; RIppetoe, Mary Houston; Mitchell, Huldah Morris
View Record  929.2 M21p Moon Family, The Plummer, Morris A.
View Record  Murray, Thelma M., Hilton Brown Branch of IMCPL
View Record  920.1 G35n Neerman Family in Germany and the U.S. Neerman, David
View Record  929.2 M21n Newhouse and Related Families from Lawrence Township, Marion County, IN as of 1980 Newhouse, Elbert A., comp.
View Record  929.1 G03f Niblack Family: Chronicles and Genealogy Records Frew, Ellen Niblack
View Record  920.1 F35b Overman: Jacob Overman Family Bowman, Joyce Overman
View Record  929.2 I21o Owen: Travel Journals, 1825-1827, Robert Dale Owen, 2 vols. Elliott, Josephine M., Editor
View Record  Peckham Family Genealogy, The Peckham, Charles W., Sr., Ed.D.
View Record  Pennsylvania Family History Genealogies Family Archives Series
View Record  917.5 F35p Peroni/Perney Roots and Branches
View Record  Pickett-Sexson DAR Resources Sexson, Mary Juniata
View Record  920.1 F35p Piel: Life History of William Frederick Piel
View Record  Prall, McHugh, Faucett, Crail, and Allied Families; Volume I: Prall, McHugh, Faucett, Crail, & Surnames A-K Prall, Terry D.
View Record  Prall, McHugh, Faucett, Crail, and Allied Families; Volume II: Surnames L-W and Collateral Families Prall, Terry D.
View Record  FAM HIS STR Quaker Ancestors of Keith Street Street. Keith
View Record  Raber/Pike/Bramer Book of Days: Primarily Ohio, w/Indianapolis Connections; compiled by Micheal Bray
View Record  Richardson & Givan Family History Hughes, Opal
View Record  Rinehard Prestel Record Book
View Record  920.1 F35r Ringer: Descendants of Jacob Ringer Barber, M.
View Record  Rodabaugh: Four Generations of the immigrant Christian Rodabaugh (1707?-1779) and his family Luther, Kem
View Record  FAM HIS Sch Schliemann in Indianapolis Lilly, Eli (editor)
View Record  Scott: The Descendants of John Scott From 1777 Scott, Col. Walter T.
View Record  929 M21se Setters: Notes On The Family of John Setters, Marion County Pioneer Settles-Contos, Christine
View Record  Settle Family of Georgia Settle, Robert H.
View Record  Shelton: New World Book of Sheltons, The
View Record  Skillen: The Ancestry of Eleanor Skillen UNK
View Record  Smith: Descendants of Hezekiah Smith
View Record  929.2 B31s Stoltz Genealogy 1634-1980, The Stoltz, Eurus Vernon
View Record  929 B21cor Stuart Family, the Cordell, Gene and June
View Record  Sullivan: A Direct Sullivan Bloodline From Daniel Sullivan to George W. Sullivan Sulliavan, George W.
View Record  Sullivan: The Sullivans and Allied Families Sulliavan, George W.
View Record  Surname File: Bretzman, Rogers
View Record  Surname File: Carter, Gregg
View Record  Surname File: Chamberlain
View Record  Surname File: Conner
View Record  Surname File: Cordell
View Record  Surname File: Dawson
View Record  Surname File: Eaton
View Record  Surname File: Fricker
View Record  Surname File: Griffin
View Record  Surname File: Gromer
View Record  Surname File: Grundmann, Stofer
View Record  Surname File: Haeberle
View Record  Surname File: Hague
View Record  Surname File: Hansen
View Record  Surname File: Henricks
View Record  Surname File: Hinnenkamp
View Record  Surname File: Jarvis
View Record  Surname File: Jeup
View Record  Surname File: Johnson
View Record  Surname File: Jones
View Record  Surname File: Latta
View Record  Surname File: Lawson
View Record  Surname File: Love
View Record  Surname File: Maple
View Record  Surname File: McCurdy
View Record  Surname File: McDaniel
View Record  Surname File: McKinney
View Record  Surname File: Miller
View Record  Surname File: Moore
View Record  Surname File: O'Neal
View Record  Surname File: Purcell
View Record  Surname File: Rebennack
View Record  Surname File: Scott, Alexander
View Record  Surname File: Setters
View Record  Surname File: Smith, Greer
View Record  Surname File: Speckman
View Record  Surname File: Spohr
View Record  Surname File: Stiegelmeyer
View Record  Surname File: Stiegelmeyer, Hinnenkamp
View Record  Surname File: Sturgeon
View Record  Surname File: Sutton
View Record  Surname File: Truman
View Record  Surname File: White
View Record  Surname File: Whitfield
View Record  Surname File: Young
View Record  Surname File: Scrogham
View Record  920.1 G35t Taylor Family Records
View Record  The Search for Henry Cross: An Adventure in Biography and Americana Hartley, W. Douglas
View Record  Fam HIS Gol Thomas Goldthwaite of Yorkshire and Massachusetts and his Descendants Parts I & II Harcourt, Marion Goldthwaite
View Record  Thomas Sanford Family, U.K. to CT N/A
View Record  929.2 M21m Thompson Family of Marion County, Indiana, The Mullen, Judy
View Record  929 M21we West: Addendum to Joshua Davis West and His Brother, George W. West, Sons of Hugh West West, Donal S.
View Record  929.2 M21w Whitesell Family History, The Buchholz, Eloise Whitesell
View Record  Whiteside: Columbus Whiteside Family and Henry Bell Family - mid 1800's, Marion County, IN.
View Record  920.1 F35w Williams -- Thomas Williams, His Family Karsell, P.
View Record  Wolf: Descendants of John Wolf and Sophia Wetzel
View Record  Wyatt: Autograph Album of Bessie G. Wyatt, (spouse Harry R. Rowe)
View Record  Young Family Tree of Indiana Rebennack, Mildred
View Record  920.1 G35y Young Genealogy American Genealogical Research Institute Staff
View Record  929.1 G03z Zink Families in America, with allied families Kellogg, Dora Zink
View Record  Zook: Jacob Zook Family Jesse Zook
View Record  917.5 F35z Zugs/Zooks of Pennsylvania Zook, Lois
Records: 1 to 159 of 159