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Pleasant Hill Cemetery
(Marion Co, Pike Twp)
8350 N. Moore Rd.
Indianapolis, IN
GSMC Code: PK041   WPA Code: No. 89
GENERAL CONDITION:  This is a beautiful, very well maintained cemetery, with nice even rows and a driveway that encircles 3 sides of the cemetery.  The main road runs along the 4th side.  It contains approximately 700 stones and appears to still be active.  There are some broken and worn stones, but they are minimal.  As a point of interest, there is a Revolutionary War soldier buried in this cemetery and there is a historical plaque erected in his memory. (1997)
SHAARD# CR-49-72.
DIRECTIONS FROM DOWNTOWN:  Take I-65 north from the downtown area.  Get off at the 71st St. exit.  At the bottom of the exit ramp, turn right (east).  At the first stop sign, this is Lafayette Rd., turn left (north).  Go north on Lafayette Rd. for about 1-1/4 miles.  At the flashing light, turn right (east).  This is Moore's Rd.  Go north on Moore's Rd. for about 1 mile.  The cemetery sits on the left, about 1/2 mile south of 86th St.
This cemetery was read by the Genealogical Society of Marion County in 1997, and published in both a softbound book and CD titled "Cemetery Readings of Pike Township." The burial records we show came from these readings. 
Pleasent Hill has a list of 1,800 burials that is included here: 1997 Burial List (less the unnamed graves).
At the right is a list of Veterans' Burials by the American Legion.
Pleasant Hill Cem Map WPA 1939
Legion Vets Pleasant Hill 1
Legion Vets Pleasant Hill 2