Genealogical Society of Marion County

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Publication Descriptions: Genealogical Society of Marion County, Indiana
1889 Atlas of Marion County: This reprint of the Griffing-Gordon Atlas is an 11 x 14 hardbound book that contains all of the genealogical data of the original. Approximately 90 pages showing landowners with full name index, this resource helps fill that 1890 Census gap.                [$15.00]
Lockerbie’s Assessment List for Indianapolis, 1835: This tax list reprint is a mini-census of the town, with lot locations, value amounts, and resident counts, 30 pp.                  [CD  $5.00]
Cemetery Readings of Decatur Township: Compiled in 1998 from Society readings in 1996-97, this softbound book contains an every-name listing of every cemetery in the township and contains a township-wide alphabetical index.                                                                     [CD  $5.00]
Cemetery Readings of Pike Township: Compiled in 1998 from Society readings in 1996-97, this 184 page softbound book is an every-name listing of every cemetery in the township and contains a township-wide alphabetical index.                                                                              [CD  $5.00]
Cemetery Readings of Union Chapel Cemetery: This softbound book compiled by Elizabeth Hague, details a very large cemetery in Washington Township; 120 pages; fully indexed. [CD  $5.00]
Crown Hill National Cemetery: Within Crown Hill, the fourth largest cemetery in the nation, is a national cemetery, with burials from 1866 to 1969. This softbound book gives a brief history plus the recorded  burials.                                                                                                [$10.00]
Central State Hospital Cemetery Records: This softbound book lists all of the surviving burial records of this state hospital in Marion County, which was closed in the 1990’s; also includes a brief history of the facility.                                                                                                            [$10.00]
Hutchinson's 1870 Directory of Indianapolis; This  reprint contains approximately 13,000 names from the 200 pages of the alphabetized list of residents in the original book. It lists occupations, identifies widows and African-Americans, and gives addresses.                               [CD  $5.00]
Indianapolis Mortality Records, 1872-1882; This volume by Jane E. Darlington, C.G.R.S. is softbound and contains 15,000 entries in 650 pages.                                                 [$15.00]
Marion County Birth Records, Jul. 1882-Sep. 1907; Produced in a quality hardbound library binding, this work by Jane E. Darlington, C.G.R.S., has 1,100 pages and a 34,000 name index. [$15.00]
Marion County Miscellanea: this book by Jane Darlington has seven sections on naturalizations, tax returns, probate records, land records, tract records, and hack licenses; soft spiral bound, fully indexed, 500 pages.                                                                                                            [$15.00]
Parish Registers of Trinity Episcopal Church, 1919-1970   Copied by Jane E. Darlington; softbound, 360 pages, indexed.                                                         Last few copies!        [$15.00]                      
Parish Registers, Christ Church Cathedral, 1837-1922.  A new extraction by Jane Darlington, this softbound, extensive, surname-indexed book features baptisms, marriages, burials, and confirmations of this historic church on Monument Circle.            Last few copies!          [$15.00]
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