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2021 GSMC Calendar: SPECIAL
$8.00 each including shipping via US Mail and handling. 7% Indiana Sales Tax will be added by Paypal. This calendar includes historical information about 12 of Marion's County early founding fathers and 12 tips to help you with genealogy research.
(US checks via mail also accepted)
1889 Atlas of Marion County:
This reprint of the Griffing-Gordon Atlas is an 11 x 14 hardbound book that contains all of the genealogical data of the original atlas. Approximately 90 pages showing landowners with full name index. This resource helps fill that 1890 Census gap.  
1866 Marion County Plat Map: 
This set of digitized color maps shows the plat level details of all nine Marion County Indiana townships. Due to the size of this map set, it is divided into three files. 
Digital Download, $10.00
Land Ownership in Marion County, Indiana, 1821-24:
This 50-page digitized booklet includes Township/Range/Section, Purchase Date, Name, and Former Residence of the landowners. Surname Indexed.       
Digital Download  $10.00
Cemetery Readings of Decatur Township:
Compiled in 1998 from Society readings in 1996-97, this digitized book contains an every-name listing of every cemetery in the township and contains a township-wide alphabetical index.           
Digital Download  $10.00
Cemetery Readings of Pike Township:
Compiled in 1998 from Society readings in 1996-97, this 184 page digitized spreadsheet is an every-name listing of every cemetery in the township and contains a township-wide alphabetical index.     
Digital Download  $10.00
Cemetery Readings of Union Chapel Cemetery:
This digitized book compiled by Elizabeth Hague, details a very large cemetery in Washington Township; 120 pages; fully indexed.
Digital Download $10.00                                       
Crown Hill National Cemetery:
Within Crown Hill, the fourth largest cemetery in the nation, is a national cemetery, with burials from 1866 to 1969. This softbound book gives a brief history plus the recorded burials.          
Central State Hospital Cemetery Records:
This digitized book lists all of the surviving burial records of this state hospital in Marion County, which was closed in the 1990’s; also includes a brief history of the facility.        
Digital Download $10.00
Hutchinson's 1870 Directory of Indianapolis
This  reprint contains approximately 13,000 names from the 200 pages of the alphabetized list of residents in the original book. It lists occupations, identifies widows and African-Americans, and gives addresses.       
Digital Download  $10.00
Indianapolis Public Schools 1890 Student Enrollment:
This data set contains the 14,000+ Grades 1-12 student list of IPS, giving various student information. The disc includes information on the 30 school buildings in use at that time. This list may fill in some holes created by the missing 1890 census.
Digital Download/Adobe OCR  $10.00
High School Graduates, Franklin, Lawrence, & Wayne Townships, Plus IPS Shortridge:
Contains Ben Davis 1896-1938; Shortridge 1869-1910; Castleton 1897-1941; Oaklandon 1895-1941; Acton-New Bethel-Franklin 1890-1941.         
Digital Download  Adobe OCR   $10.00
Marion County Birth Records, Jul. 1882-Sep. 1907:
This work by Jane E. Darlington, C.G.R.S., has 1,100 pages and a 34,000 name index.        
Digital Download $10.00
Marion County Miscellanea:
This book by Jane Darlington has seven sections on naturalizations, tax returns, probate records, land records, tract records, and hack licenses; spiral bound book, fully indexed, 500 pages.  
Trinity Episcopal Church, Parish Registers 1919-1970  
Copied by Jane E. Darlington; spiral bound book, 360 pages, indexed.  Includes Confirmations, Marriages, Baptisms, and Burials
$20.00 and CD Version/Adobe OCR    $10.00                 
Christ Church Episcopal Cathedral, Parish Registers 1837-1922  
Copied by Jane E. Darlington   Includes Confirmations, Marriages, Baptisms, and Burials                   
CD Version/Adobe OCR  $10.00
Marion County Probate Record Abstracts, Jan 1830 to Aug 1852  
Copied by Jane E. Darlington; 385 pages/32,000 names   
CD/Adobe OCR  $10.00                                                       
Marion County Mortality Records, September 1, 1872 to December 31, 1881 
Copied by Jane Darlington, 500 pages, word searchable                     
Digital Download/Adobe OCR   $10.00
Naturalization Abstracts selected 1832-1906 
Copied by Jane Darlington, 205 pages.
Digital Download $10.00
Revised 4 March 2021