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First Families of Marion County Society

First Families of Marion County Application                     
First Families Society Starts 2021        [Press Release July 4, 2021}
            In honor of the 200th Anniversary of the creation of Marion County, the First Families of Marion County Society (FFMC), the first lineage group to be founded by the Genealogical Society of Marion County, officially begins operations on July 4, 2021.
            The FFMC is designed to both honor the 200th anniversary of the county, but also  to offer a rigorous challenge to GSMC genealogists.
            To qualify for the First Families Society, GSMC members must prove a direct lineage line back to a resident of Marion County on or prior to June 1, 1850, the date of the Federal Census.
            Interested applicants should print the Application Form (See the link above) and follow the indicated directions. The FFMC uses a lineage style that is very similar to SAR, DAR, Indiana Pioneers, or Society of 1812 applications, all of which can be used as proof.
            The initial submission period ends on December 1, 2021, and all applications should be postmarked by that deadline. Visit the GSMC website at for further guidance and feel free to email with questions. The first Induction Class will be specially honored at the GSMC monthly meeting in December 2021; the second Induction Class will be in April 2022.
            June 1850 was way back in our county history; are you up to the challenge???
For further information on this new Society, visit the GSMC Library any Wednesday between 11 and 3, or email Ron Darrah at