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Acton Cemetery
(Marion Co, Franklin Twp)
7900 S. Acton Rd.
Indianapolis, IN
(317) 862-5915
GSMC Code: FR001   WPA Code: No. 20
     This cemetery was established just after the end of the Civil War and included a small family cemetery that already existed on land owned by William Leeper and containing 13 graves.  A burial list, through 1935, was published in the Franklin Township Historical Society publication "Called Home" (available at the GSMC library)  and there is also believed to be a list at the Indiana State Library.  The earliest known burial was in 1845. 
     "Called Home" also states that the cemetery records prior to 1908 were apparently lost.   Acton cemetery is still in use. 
     (Update Nov 2015)  We have been advised that the cemetery's burial records have been computerized. They were on index cards. 
Acton Cem Map WPA 1939