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Parker Cemetery
(Marion Co, Pike Twp)
8500 West 65th Street (approx)
Indianapolis, IN
GSMC Code: PK146  WPA Code: No.88
SHAARD# CR-49-133.
This cemetery was charted on the 1939 WPA survey as being on the west side of Dandy Trail approximately 1 1/4 miles south of US 52, Lafayette Road. The notation on the WPA chart reads, "Abandoned-Stones Gone--Information from old settlers in the Community."
In April 2013, the cemetery was located by Frank Merriman.  (Approximate location shown on map below. .)  He found four illegible grave stones which appear to have the surname Wilson.  The following is provided by Mr. Merriman and is used with his permission.
The cemetery lies within Eagle Creek Park and is on the west side of Eagle Creek Reservoir. It can be accessed from the north via a nature trail that starts at Wilson Rd. One must trek about 1.5 miles through the woods to get to it. From the west, one may be able to access it from the Eagle's Crest section of the park but may need permission. From the south one must hike about 2 miles from the parking lot at 56th St. on the west side of the reservoir. It is farther this way due to the winding nature of the trails.

The cemetery sits on a grassy bluff overlooking the reservoir. There is an old home foundation nearby. The approximate address of this location is 8500 West. It is near 8500 W. 65th St. which is a park road that adjoins Dandy Trail. One must follow Dandy Trail to the north several hundred feet and there is an old drive that goes to the northwest. At the end of the drive is the foundation and a trail which leads to the cemetery.

The post shows that the cemetery was established in 1860. The Wilsons buried here are likely related to those buried at nearby Pleasant Hill Cemetery which is also in the Traders Point area.
The burials we show also come from Mr. Merriman's notes.
Photo taken by Frank Merriman in April 2013 and used with permission.
Parker Cem Map WPA 1939