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Kemper Farm Cemetery
(Marion Co, Franklin Twp)
7300 E. Shelbyville Road
Indianapolis, IN
GSMC Code: FR058     WPA Code: No. 27
SHAARD #CR-49-26.
     This cemetery, located in Franklin Township, approximately 7300 E. Shelbyville Road, was copied by an unknown reader in 1954. The following list is in the Indiana State Library.
______Kemper, died November 29, 1865, aged 76 years and 26 days
Polly ________
Rebecca Parr, died April 19, 1847, aged 23 years and 9 months
Ambrose D. Kemper, 1818-1856
Elizabeth, his wife, 1826-1848
Kemper Farm Cem Map WPA 1939