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Bethel Cemetery (Decatur)
(Marion Co, Decatur Twp)
6500 W. Seerley Road
Indianapolis, IN
GSMC Code: DC057    WPA Code: No. 11
SHAARD# CR-49-12.
Note: This cemetery was removed in 2020 to make room for an airport expansion. It was relocated to Concordia Cemetery, a commercial site on the southside of Indianapolis. This project would have been reading #6.
This cemetery was adjacent to the Indianapolis International Airport, and was completely fenced-in and only accessible from South Perimeter Road on the airport property.  Burials from 1830s to 1930s. AKA Hoffman Woods Cemetery
This site has been read at least four times; the first list #1 was probably in the 1950's. We edited the online burials list to conform with the 1950's list which was the largest and most complete.
GSMC volunteers surveyed this cemetery in 1996 & 1997.  The burial list they compiled was published by the GSMC in "Cemetery Readings for Decatur Township".  This list showed 125 names at that time. This list is in the GSMC library.
Attached is a burial list that is in Indiana State Library Bethel Cem Decatur 13pp Undated