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Orchard Hill Cemetery
(Marion Co, Franklin Twp)
8936 Southeastern Ave
Indianapolis, IN
In the 1870's, New Bethel Baptist Church moved across the road from its original site on the south side of Southeastern Av & the original New Bethel Cemetery was renamed Founders (possibly as late as 1910).  A second New Bethel Cemetery was established on the northside of Southeastern Av & to the east of the church building.  In 1928, the church purchased an old apple orchard to the east, enlarged the existing cemetey & renamed it Orchard Hill ( though some references still call it New Bethel).  The cemetery was enlarged again in the 1970's with the Askren-Williams Addition.  The church maintains this cemetery as well as Founders & Fisher cemeteries.     
Orchard Hill is divided into three sections  The section along Southeastern appears to be the oldest & is thought to be the "second" New Bethel Cemetery.  There are several grave markers in this section that predate 1928 with the oldest showing a 1910 death date. There is a gravel road that runs east from the circular drive.  The Askren-Williams section appears to be on the south side of this road & the apple orchard section is probably the area on the north side of the road.
In 1999, the Franklin Township Historical Society published "Called Home" which shows burials in most of the township cemeteries, including Orchard Hill.  Several copies of the publication are available in our library.
SHAARD #CR-49-147.
Photo taken 24 August 2012 - D. Scott