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Fort Benjamin Harrison Cemetery
(Marion Co, Lawrence Twp)
9300 E 56th St.
Lawrence, IN
GSMC Code: LA177  WPA Code: No, 42
     This military cemetery was established about 1906 and served until 1947.  In June of that year, Fort Harrison was deactivated and most of the 66 soldiers buried here were moved to Jefferson Barracks National Cemetey in St. Louis. 
     From the map shown in the SHAARD database (Indiana Department of Natural Resources), the cemetery was located on the south edge of the fort, just north of the railroad tracks and east of Harrison Park Drive.  The area is currently shown as Harrison Community Park.
     The burial list on SHAARD (obtained from the Indiana State Archives) gives only the names.  From National Cemetery Internment records we were able to determine death dates for most of the 66 burials listed.
     Additional data is from the American Legion Veterans Project.
SHAARD# CR-49-146.
Fort Benjamin Harrison WPA 1939