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Holy Cross Cemetery
(Marion Co, Center Twp)
2400 S. Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN
(317) 784-4439
GSMC Code: CR097   WPA Code: No. 6
SHAARD #CR-49-58
Please see the "*WARNING*" below regarding the burials and plot information shown on the "Calvary" burial records.
The cemetery office for Calvary, Holy Cross and Saint Joseph Catholic Cemeteries is located in Calvary cemetery. 
Holy Cross Cemetery traces its beginning back to 1861 when a parish of Irish immigrants opened St. John Cemetery, which was later renamed Holy Cross Cemetery. Thirty years later, a group of German Catholics opened St. Joseph Cemetery nearby. Over time the two adjacent cemeteries grew into two cemeteries in one location, each maintaining its own character. Calvary Cemetery followed in 1937 to serve the south side’s increasing Catholic population.
In June, 2012 we obtained over 38,000 cemetery records for the six local Catholic cemeteries (Calvary, Holy Cross, Saint Joseph, Our Lady of Peace and the two Saint Malachys, North & West, in Hendricks County).  The information in these records is as of 29 Jan 2012 and comes directly from the cemetery database which is managed by the Buchanan Group (Flanner & Buchanan). 
*WARNING* Many of the records for Holy Cross and Saint Joseph burials are listed in error as a burial in Calvary Cemetery.  Please note that the proper cemetery is shown in the section/plot information.  (Calvary begins with “C”, Holy Cross with “H” & Saint Joseph with “S” or "SJ".  These letters are NOT part of the actual plot information.  If there is no "C", "H", "S" or "SJ" prefix, the burial is probably at Calvary.) 
The Holy Cross Cemetery burials listed here are correct.  If you are not finding your family member please check the burial listing in Calvary cemetery.
We are currently working to resolve these issues (moving the burials to the correct cemetery and removing the extraneous letters from the plot information on each record). Viewing and editing the thousands of individual records will take a while.  The plot information on the records that have been moved to Holy Cross & Saint Joseph has been corrected.
Also note that some records for Calvary show the burial plot as Section 2 or Section 3.  These burials should be found in the Calvary mausoleum complex (Building 2 & Building 3).
Scanned Burial Cards
Important Note: The 60,000+ burial cards are currently being scanned.  Holy Cross, St. Joseph and Calvary burials are inter-filed.  The cemetery name has been stamped at the top of most cards.  Although we have made every effort to have these cards sorted alphabetically some surnames may be mis-spelled or cards are missing.   Note also that the burial cards for 74 nuns were filed under "Sister" rather than by surname.  (The sisters' burial records will be under the surname or complete birth name if it is shown on the burial card.)  
Due to potential privacy issues, access to the scanned burial cards is restricted.
Note 2: The two pages at right contain some military burials at Holy Cross. Only names for A and B are listed. We do not know the location of the other names.
If you would like information from any burial card, or you note anything which should be corrected, please contact us at

Holy Cross Mil (Amer Legion) Page #1
Holy Cross Mil (Amer Legion) Page #2