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Eikhoff/Eickhoff Farm Cemetery
(Marion Co, Warren Twp)
5633 Southeastern Av
Indianapolis, IN
GSMC Code: WR112     WPA Code: No. 97
SHAARD #CR-49-82 (Name shown as Elbrock).
     Located on the Henry Eickhoff farm.  (Location shown on map is approximate.) This cemetery was recorded in 1945 by J. Eugene Reilly from information obtained from Katherine Eickhoff, co-owner of the property. This list is in the Indiana State Library.  There appears to be nothing left of the cemetery today. 
     The parents of Henry's wife, Charlotte are reportedly buried here.  Frank Elbracht died in 1853 & Elizaba Elbracht died in 1861 (The grave markers were reportedly moved to St. John Lutheran Cemetery in 1960,but the actual graves were not moved. There is possibly a young child buried here, name unknown.
Eikhoff Farm Cem Map WPA 1939