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Mount Pleasant Methodist Cemetery
(Marion Co, Warren Twp)
10505 East Brookville Road
Indianapolis, IN
SHAARD# CR-49-84.
Mount Pleasant Methodist Cemetery, also called Pleasant View Cemetery, is on the site of the old Mount Pleasant Methodist Church on the south side of Brookville Road (U.S. 52), ¼ mile east of Bade Road in Warren Township. The church grounds, including about 2 acres of ground, are grown up in briars, brush, and weeds.  Earliest known burial was 1857 & last were 1912.  The cemetery is maintained by the Warren Township Trustee.  Since 2008, they have cleaned up the cemetery and restored several markers. 
The burials we show are from a 1945 list (see "Cemeteries page" below), from verified information on Find A Grave, from "The History of Warren Township" (published by Warren Central HS), from burial information provided by the Warren Township Trustee Office & from a visit to the cemetery in June 2012.  
Note regarding the 1945 Dixon list: Here is a good example of how either readings or transcriptions can be erroneous. This list refers five "Washan" burials which are instead "Washam".  A further comparison shows a reading of "Jemina Washan" while the stone clearly reads "Jemima Washam".  You can never be too careful.
Photo taken June 2012 - D. Scott