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McVey Cemetery
(Marion Co, Warren Twp)
299 S. Old Trails Rd
Indianapolis, IN
This cemetery was has also been referred to as "Old Trails".  It is maintained by the Warren Township Trustee  which which calls it Old Trails.  It is not fenced in and has suffered from neglect and vandalism over the years.  It was read by Mrs. Ransom Griffin and Thelma Murphy, possibly in the early 1940s.  Their listing showed the cemetery at 100 S. Huber St, which may have been correct at that time.  The correct location now is on Old Trails Rd.  The burials we show are from the Griffin-Murphy list, from verified information on Find A Grave, from "The History of Warren Township" (published by Warren Central HS), from  information provided by the Warren Township Trustee Office & from a personal visit in March 2010.   Known burials are from 1839 to 1943. One Revolutionary War veteran & the widow of another are known to be buried here.
SHAARD# CR-49-96.
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Photo taken June 2012 - D. Scott