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Muesing Farm Cemetery
(Marion Co, Warren Twp)
1339 S. Muesing Road
Indianapolis, IN
GSMC Code: WR046    WPA Code: No. 112
SHAARD# CR-49-95.
     This cemetery is on private property along the south edge of Muesing Creek . In 1989, students of Warren Central High School wrote an article about the cemetery for their “History of Warren Township”.  The source of some of their information is uncertain.
     We were able to visit the cemetery on 18 Aug 2012 and found it very well maintained.  According to one of the neighbors, some work was done several years ago.  (In places, the land had eroded from under the fence and the fence was itself in disrepair.  The erosion was corrected and the fence taken down, repaired, repainted & reinstalled.)  
     We found 14 markers, marking 10 burials (Unknowns not entered).  There are four large trees within the cemetery fence (shown as "T" on the diagram).  Known burials were from 1859 to 1897.  Note also that the farm and cemetery are no longer in the Muesing family.
Photo taken 18 Aug 2012 - D. Scott
plot diagram - D. Scott 2012
Muesing Farm Cem Map WPA 1939