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Koch Farm Cemetery
(Marion Co, Warren Twp)
2900 South Post Road
Indianapolis, IN
GSMC Code: WR051     WPA Code: No. 105
SHAARD# CR-49-135.
     This small family cemetery is in a wooded area on the old Koch farm.  On private property, it is on the south bank of a small creek. Approx. GPS coordinates: 39.727349, -86.005645 (about 800 feet east of Post Road & 600 feet north of Troy Avenue).
     According to a reading done by Mrs. Ransom Griffin in 1940, there are thriteen bodies here, though only five are named.  The undated reading from the Indiana State Library (link below) is a partial transcription of Griffin's reading.
     The cemetery was located, entered with permission,  and photographed on 15 Sep 2012.   There are four markers still standing (inscriptions are in German) and a concrete base for another was located. 
(This cemetery is not the same as Deutsch Evangelical, AKA Fenton Church or Zion United Church of Christ Cemetery, which is located on the northwest corner of Post Road & Troy Avenue.) 
Looking northwest. Photo taken 15 Sep 2012 - D. Scott.
Koch Farm Cem Map WPA 1939