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Kitley Cemetery
(Marion Co, Warren Twp)
11270 E. Prospect Street
Indianapolis, IN
GSMC Code: WR053    WPA Code: No. 104
SHAARD# CR-49-89.
     AKA Kitley-King Cemetery. This cemetery sits on the north side of Prospect Street opposite Touchstone Court & is maintained by the Warren Township Trustee.  There is a stone wall with steps leading up to the cemetery from the street.  The burials we show are from verified information on Find A Grave, from "The History of Warren Township" (published by Warren Central HS), from burial information provided by the Warren Township Trustee Office & from a visit to the cemetery in June 2012.          Known burials are from 1865 to 1932.
     The King and Kitley farms adjoined each other, and there were several intermarriages among the two families. Others may be buried there from the families, but all but two stones are now missing.
Photo taken June 2012 - D. Scott
Kitley Cem Map WPA 1939