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Davis Cemetery
(Marion Co, Warren Twp)
2661 S. Senour Road
Indianapolis, IN
This cemetery is on private property in the small wooded area south of 2661 Senour Road.
SHAARD# CR-49-81.

According to "The History of Warren Township" (Warren Central HS - 1990) "Many stones are turned upside down, turned around, imbedded in soil, or are too weathered to read."  
Cheryl Dixon created a burial list (see "Cemeteries page" below) from a 1989 list complied by D. Lowery and Olga Woodman (members of the Franklin Township Historical Society).  That list, along with verified information on Find A Grave and from "The History of Warren Township" was used to produce our burial list.  The oldest known burial was 1831 & the last about 1878.
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Find A Grave photo taken in November 2008 by "Susie" and used with permission.