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Saint John's Lutheran Cemetery
(Marion Co, Warren Twp)
7500 E. Troy Avenue
Indianapolis, IN
GSMC Code: WR071    WPA Code: No. 118

SHAARD# CR-49-100. 
     This cemetery is located on Troy Avenue at Fisher Road, on the Marion County Fairgrounds.  It is maintained by St. John Lutheran Church (6630 Southeastern Avenue) and is being used today.  The original one acre plot was purchased in 1865.  A second acre was added in 1949. 
     This original cemeteries page shows about 150 burials, but is incomplete and has numerous reading errors.  We also transcribed verified burials from the cemetery listing on Find A Grave.and this is most of the 632 burial list.
Photo taken 24 Aug 2012 - D. Scott
St. John's Luth Cem Map WPA 1939