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Rhode Cemetery
(Marion Co, Warren Twp)
2300 S. Franklin Road
Indianapolis, IN
GSMC Code: WR108     WPA Code: No. 115
SHAARD #CR-49-98.
     This cemetery is located on Franklin Road south of Raymond Street.  There is a burial list at the Indiana State Library (author & date unknown). It has only the names of Christian Ludwig & Louise Rohde.  Between 2008 & 2011, student interns with the Warren Township Trustee Office read & plotted this cemetery.  Seven markers were noted:  a large marker for Christian & Louise, a small footstone engraved "Vader" and another engraved "Mother", three markers having only first names & one marker engraved "Infant".  There was also a small pile of rubble believed to have been another marker.   
     According to "The History of Warren Township" (published by Warren Central HS), there are 10 burials in the cemetery.  In addition to six members of the Rohde family, there are three sisters from the Roesener family and Louis Koch (who was the last buried here in 1915). It should be noted that no source for the additional burials is cited.
     The cemetery was photographed in June 2012.  It is being maintained by the Trustee and is in good condition.
Photo taken 23 June 2012 - D. Scott
Rhode Cem Map WPA 1939