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Piel Cemetery
(Marion Co, Warren Twp)
E. Raymond Street & S. Post Road
Indianapolis, IN
GSMC Code: WR109    WPA Code: No. 114
SHAARD #CR-49-97.
     This small family cemetery is on the south side of Raymond Street about 600 feet east of Post Road.  It is fenced in and on private property.  In 1941, Thelma Murphy interviewed a Piel descendant who provided some names on the burials.  The same year, Mrs. R. Griffin compiled the only known burial list.  According to the Murphy interview & the Griffin list, up to 12 persons were said to be buried here, but only two markers remained. (Many of the others reportedly taken by vandals.)  As of June 2012, only one illegible marker remained.  Believed to be the marker for Frederick Piel who died in 1879, it lays against the fence.  The property owner maintains the cemetery.
     The following was transcribed by Dave Wright from Griffin's 1941 list.
This cemetery is on Raymond St. 1/4 mile east of Fort Road.  It has a fence around it and one lone pine tree in the center.  The stones are all in German and stacked against a tree.  Halloween boys carried some of the stones away a few years ago.
     Mrs. Fred Teutenberg lives nearby, and is a descendant of the Piel family.  She says there were four adults buried there.
Bade, ________  her uncle
Piel, _________  her aunt
Piel, Frederick     died 1879?  her grandfather   The stone is still standing but inscriptions are partly obliterated.
Piel, _________  Frederick's wife   Not named by informant.  Has no stone.
Seven or eight babies or small children were also buried there before Mrs. Teutenberg's birth.
Schackel, _____  baby
Naul, ______   about 1865
Photo taken 23 June 2012 - D. Scott
Piel Cem Map WPA 1939