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Jinkins Cemetery
(Marion Co, Warren Twp)
7232 E. 16th Street, near Shortidge Road
Indianapolis, IN
GSMC Code: WR114    WPA Code: None
SHAARD #CR-49-140.
     This is another of those mystery cemeteries. The site is 7232 E. 16th Street, about a block east of Shortridge Road. It is an empty lot between two houses. The Township Recorder carries it as a cemetery, but there are no stones visible, and there is no known burial list.
     The Warren Township Trustee calls the site “the abandoned McVey Cemetery.” Most other references to “McVey” refer to the cemetery on Old Trails Road south of Washington Street, which the Trustee calls the “Old Trails Cemetery.” We do not know the cause of the confusion.
     The 1889 Atlas of Marion County shows McVey farms in both locations and no Jinkins or Jenkins anywhere, so the origin of the Jinkins name is equally vague. The 1880 Census shows no “Jinkins,” only one 18-year-old “Jinkens” in the county, and over 60 “Jenkins” individuals, so we cannot pin any family down any closer. Suffice to say, we do not know who, if anyone, is buried here