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Gentry-Wright Cemetery
(Marion Co, Lawrence Twp)
8000 N Castleton Rd
Indianapolis, IN
GSMC Code LA006  WPA Code: No. 43
Original Location: Off Bash Road, West of Interstate I-69 and south of E. 82nd Street, Marion County, Indiana.  The cemetery burials and stone were relocated to Crown Hill Cemetery, Pioneer Section, Indianapolis, IN, in June, 2008, to accomodate the expansion of the I-69/I-465 interchange.
SHAARD #CR-49-56.
The records recorded are from a sketch of gravestones by W. Don Wright, 210 Arden Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46220 on file at the Indiana State Library Genealogy Division. It is dated 28 Oct 1981, with revisions 11 Nov. 1981.
Note: We have a Digital Folder in the library with photos of the Gentry-Wright cemetery in its original location.
Dec 2023
James B Wright
Gentry Wright WPA 1939