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Klepfer Cemetery
(Marion Co, Lawrence Twp)
10900 E. Fox Rd (approx)
Indianapolis, IN
GSMC Code: LA021  WPA Code: No. 49
This cemetery is maintained by the Lawrence twp Trustee. 
According to SHAARD, the first burial was about 1847 and the last in 1940.
Directions: Go north on Sunnyside Road. At about 8000 north the road turns to the east and becomes Fox Road.  The cemetery is on the north side of the road about 10900 east.  It is west of the Feather Cove and Echo Pointe entrances. 
SHAARD# CR-49-44.
1. It was read by Elizabeth Huffman Hague, who found 20 unknown stones on her visit in May, 1992. 
2. In September 2013, Brad Manzenberger (Stone Revival Historical Preservation) restored Klepfer and two other township cemeteries & produced a new burial list.  It identifies 25 grave sites and provides names for 14 of them.  Two of the names are not shown on the Hague list, but it is otherwise identical. We have used the later list for our burial records here. 
3. We reviewed the Trustee list to see if more details are included.
Original Elizabeth Huffman Hague Cemeteries page.
Veterans: Added 2 veterans and identified 2 existing veterans; Amer Leg Vets Proj  (12-17-1923)