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McCord Farm Cemetery
(Marion Co, Lawrence Twp)
12200 Old Orchard Dr
Lawrence, IN
GSMC Code: LA047   WPA Code: No. 50
Locationed on the North and East of the town of Oaklandon, at the S.E. edge
of a subdivision just south of the IOOF Cemetery on what was the old McCord farm.
SHAARD# CR-49-45.
1. This list was developed 23 June 1960, by Lois M. Apple (Mrs. L.T. Apple), 3931 Waggoner Rd., Blacklick, OH.
Her remarks: There have probably (originally) been more markers. The cemetery is on the old McCord farm. Aquilla McCord, who died Oct. 13, 1854, was a brother to Richard McCord, my great-great-grandfather; Mary (Aunt Polly), his wife, was a sister to Richard’s wife, Sarah. 
They were the daughters of John and Katie Apple. Aquilla & Richard were two of the nine sons of Elias & Rachel (Hollingsworth) McCord. 
2. This list is from the American Legion Veterans Project
3. This page is from the Township Trustee book.
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