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Hoss Cemetery
(Marion Co, Lawrence Twp)
10770 Pendleton Pike
Lawrence, IN
GSMC Code: LA049  WPA Code: No. 47
     Hoss Cemetery is along Pendleton Pike (State Hwy. 67), west of German Church Road, across from Wall-Mart.  Burials range from 1842 to 1954, with 68 stones.
SHAARD# CR-49-42.
 1. The cemetery was read by Mrs. R. Griffin in 1941. This cemetery listing is copied from the files of the Genealogical Society of Marion County (GSMC) by Dave Wright, 7 July 2002.  He changed to author’s format to emphasize the surnames listed and to give dates in the day-month-year format.  The original document is single-spaced and is copied here in a double-spaced format to facilitate reading.  Mrs. Griffin's double spacing between groups of names may have been her attempt to indicate spacing of groups of graves which is noted as separations. 
 2, The "Cemeteries of Lawrence Township" (compiled by the Township Trustee, date not given) shows "Moss Cemetery" with the same burial names.  Although the book states the cemetery is 9000 Pendleton Pike, the map (in the same book) actually shows it 10800 Pendleton Pike, which is the location of Hoss.  We found no other evidence of the cemetery being called "Moss".
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