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Scott Cemetery
(Marion Co, Washington Twp)
5807 Sunset Ln
Indianapolis, IN
GSMC Code: WA033   WPA Code: No. 141
     Scott Cemetery, also known as Krise, Hessong, or Crows Nest Cemetery, is located on Sunset Lane, south of Kessler Blvd. .  (Directions: Take Kessler Blvd, ¼ mi. East of Illinois St. turn south onto Sunset Lane and before 5807, the Eli Lilly estate, turn left onto dirt road and go back over lawn to opening in trees. The cemetery sits back about 100 yards from the road between the 2nd and 3rd mansions on the east side of the street in a heavily wooded, slightly hilly area.  (Caution: lots of poison ivy!) 
     The cemetery was extablished ca 1838 & is minimally maintained at the request of some of the residents who prefer the vegetation to grow, partially obscuring the head stones and monuments ("softening" the view from their backyards).  Many stones are badly weathered, a few are down and partially buried, and some appear to be missing. The mansion on the south side was one of Eli Lilly's several homes, the son of Col. Eli Lilly, the founder of the pharmaceutical company. The cemetery pre-dates Lilly's ownership of the property and no Lilly family members are buried there.
SHAARD# CR-49-106.
     Between March  & June 2004, the cemetery was totally restored by John Walters (Graveyard Groomer).  It was the last of the pioneer cemeteries in Washington Twp to be restored.  Bob Alloway completed the on site documentation shortly thereafter.  (Note: the plot/plat numbers shown on the individual burials correspond to the numbers shown on Bob's cemetery map.  The "00" indicates an unmarked grave.)
A cemetery survey is on file at the Washington Township Trustee's Office.
Original Cemeteries page.
Cemetery diagram prepared by Bob Alloway in 2004.
photo taken by Rick France, July 2006
Scott Cemetery WPA Map 1939