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Fall Creek Union Cemetery
(Marion Co, Washington Twp)
4160 N. Millersville Rd.
Indianapolis, IN
    GSMC Code: Ebenezer Lutheran WA039
                           Fall Creek: WA039
     WPA Code: Ebenezer Lutheran: No.129
                         Fall Creek: No.130
        The burials for both  Ebenezer Lutheran Cemetery and Fall Creek Union Cemetery are shown here
       This cemetery is located on Millersville Rd., directly in front of Ebenezer Lutheran Church Cemetery and adjacent to Sutherland Park Cemetery. It was deeded to Washington Township in 1992. (  It was restored in 2003-2004 by John Walters (Graveyard Groomer).  
       In 1957, Mrs. Leo Hoyt did readings of both cemeteries.  At that time, Ebenezer Lutheran & Fall Creek Union were thought to be one cemetery.  Hence the Hoyt list shows the burials in both cemeteries. 
       There is a combined  burial list for Ebenezer Lutheran & Fall Creek Union Cemeteries.  It was compiled in 2007 by Marilyn Barber & is based on Bob Alloway's update of the Hoyt list & includes names for approximately 100 burials that were not located during the restoration. We used this list as the basis for the burials we showhere.   (Note: the Barber list shows "EL" in the Plot information for Ebenezer Lutheran & "FC" for Fall Creek Union.  The burials which Alloway did not locate do not show Plot information.   Since no marker was found, these "unknowns" could be in either Ebenezer Lutheran or Fall Creek Union.)
NOTE:  We are currently entering the individual burial records from the 2007 Barber list. (Jan 2024)
Burial maps for Ebenezer Lutheran & Fall Creek Union cemeteries, prepared by Bob Alloway.
Fall Creek WPA Military Graves List Pg 1
Fall Creek WPA Military Graves List Pg 2
Fall Creek Cem Map WPA 1939