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Cumberland Cemetery
(Marion Co, Warren Twp)
100 S. Muessing Road
Indianapolis, IN
In 1831, Samuel Fullen donated this land to the town of Cumberland to be used as a public cemetery.  There  is no "official" burial list, although Cheryl Dixon did a reading of this cemetery in May 1990.  Her data is shown on the "Original cemeteries page" below.  The burials we show are based on Dixon's data, verified information from Find A Grave and a visit to the cemetery in June 2012.  On this visit, 17 markers were found to be missing (the concrete base was still there, but no marker) & a number of markers that were broken or otherwise illegible.  The cemetery is maintained by the Cumberland First Baptist Church which now owns the land.  The earliest known burial here was about 1837 and the last in 1898.
SHAARD# CR-49-80.
Original Cemeteries page.
Photo taken 14 Jul 2012 - D. Scott