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Hopewell Cemetery (Lawrence twp)
(Marion Co, Lawrence Twp)
8209 N. Sargent Rd.
Indianapolis, IN
GSMC Code: LA054   WPA Code: No. 46
This cemetery is cared for by the Lawrence Township Trustee and is located on the east side of Sargent Road, North of 82nd St.. 
SHAARD# CR-49-39.
Read by Elizabeth Huffman Hague
     "There are probably many stones missing as there are large spaces between most of them.  There were at least 15 unknown stones when I read them in the Spring of 1992.  In the Spring of 1987 when I visited there were also stones containing the names Ayres, Casseter, Flanigan, and Beam."
Note: On the 1987 list there were 9 sets of initials only. We included them in this update in case some researchers might recognize them as family.
SHAARD indicates that this cemetery dates from 1850, with a Methodist/Wesleyan affiliation. Also, it refers to an alternate name of "Salem Methodist".
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