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Old Silvey Cemetery
(Marion Co, Lawrence Twp)
7863 E. Fall Creek Rd
Indianapolis, IN
GSMC Code: LA119  WPA Code: No, 53
     Also known as Silvey Cemetery.  Known burials were 1826 to 1923.
     This cemetery is located east of Hague Road near the intersection of Sargent Road (6500 South) and Fall Creek Road.  It cannot be seen from the road.  It is directly behind the house at 7863 Fall Creek Road, which is west of the water pumping station. 
     "It is southwest of the station approximately 100 yards into the wooded area.", according to Lawrence Township Trustee, Carl Specker.  The cemetery is up a hill, and there are 'No Trespassing' signs.  The cemetery is small and had been recently mowed when I visited it on May 6, and again in Early October, 1995.  There are about 6 unknown stones."--per Elizabeth Hague - 1995 
SHAARD# CR-49-51.
     Brad Manzenberger of Stone Revival Historical Preservation restored the cemetery in September 2013.  The burial list he produced is used for the burial records we show.
Brad Manzenberger (Stone Revival Historical Preservation) May 2013. Used with permission.