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View Record  977.2 M20s Sesqui-Samplings: 150 Years of Cooking in Indianapolis Indiana Sesquicentennial Commission, Indianapolis, Indiana
View Record  929 M21se Setters: Notes On The Family of John Setters, Marion County Pioneer Settles-Contos, Christine
View Record  Settle Family of Georgia Settle, Robert H.
View Record  Seventeenth Century Colonial Ancestors Hutton, Mary Louise
View Record  BIO Sew Sewall: May Wright Sewall A Life, 1844-1920, "But I Do Clamor" Boomhower, Ray E.
View Record  Shelby County: Historical Atlas of, Illustrated, 1880
View Record  Shelby County: Mt. Auburn School Yesteryears Supplement N/A
View Record  Shelton: New World Book of Sheltons, The
View Record  Shields: Genealogy Coleman, Mary
View Record  Shook: The Shook Book Shook, Patricia M. Fox
View Record  ETH AF AM Bra Short History of the American Negro Brawley, Benjamin G.
View Record  Shortridge H. S., Brief Story of Shortridge and her Forbears, 1935
View Record  977.2 M28g Shortridge High School 1864-1981 In Retrospect Gaus, Laura Sheerin
View Record  Shortridge High School Reunions, Classes 1954, 55, 56, 57, 58
View Record  YB Shortridge High School Yearbook Shortridge High School
View Record  977.2 M28ch Shortridge High School, "The Christmas Echo", December, 1932
View Record  YB see Shortridge HS Shortridge High School, Indianapolis High School, Graduates of, 1869-1910 Darrah, Ron (compiled by)
View Record  Shortridge High School: Graduates of Indianapolis/Shortridge High School, Marion County, Indiana: 1869 to 1910 Darrah, Ron (compiled by)
View Record  Shortridge High School: Student Scrapbook of Diana Deitsch, Class of 1957 Deitsch, Diana
View Record  Shortridge High School; Annual Awards Day, Jun 3, 1953
View Record  Shortridge: 1864 - 1953
View Record  Sicily: Provinces Information, CD's Parts 1 and 2 Kirkpatrick, Kathy
View Record  Silver: My 16 Great-Great Grandparents Silver, John Samuel
View Record  ETH AF AM Tho Since Emancipation. A Short History of Indiana Negroes, 1863-1963 Thornbrough, Emma Lou
View Record  Sister Of The Solid Rock Taylor, Wilma Rugh
View Record  Sisters of Providence, Indianapolis City Hospital, and the Civil War McShane, John
View Record  INDPLS HIS Now Sketches of Prominent Citizens of 1876: With a few of the Pioneers of the City and County who have Passed Away Nowland, John
View Record  BIO Tes Skiles Test and the House of Blue Lights Miclot, Kay J.
View Record  Skillen: The Ancestry of Eleanor Skillen UNK
View Record  Slave Assembly:Plantation Life in the Antebellum South Blassingame, John W.
View Record  Slave Narratives-Indiana Federal Writers Project
View Record  Sleuth Book For Genealogists Croom, Emily
View Record  BIO Smi Smith: Asa Jessup Smith; Lawyer, Patriot, Wit 1894-1973 In Memoriam Farmer, James E
View Record  Smith: Descendants of Hezekiah Smith
View Record  Smock & Clark: Pioneer Ancestors Jacob Smock and James Clark Clark, William
View Record  917.5 D03s Social Security Death Index US 1937-1993, 2 CD-set Vol. 1 A-L; Vol. 2 M-Z
View Record  917.5 CD I24 Social Security Death Index US 1937-1996, 2 CD-set Vol. 1 A-L; Vol. 2 M-Z
View Record  Society of Indiana Pioneers, History of, 2 Vol. Vol. 1 1916-1980; Vol. 2 1916-2005 Holliday, Murray
View Record  Society of Indiana Pioneers, Pioneer Ancestors of Members of the Dorrel, Ruth
View Record  Society of Indiana Pioneers--2014 Founders List N/A
View Record  Society of Indiana Pioneers: Yearbook 1971 Society of Indiana Pioneers
View Record  Society of Indiana Pioneers: Yearbook 1979 Society of Indiana Pioneers
View Record  Soil Soldiers: Civilian Conservation Corps Lacy, Leslie A.
View Record  977.2 C22j Soldier's Graves , Mount Jackson Cemetery, Wayne Township [Orig. Ledger]
View Record  917.3 R19 Soldier's Manual for Pensions, Pay, and Bounties; 1888 Stevens, Milo
View Record  MIL CIV Ste Soldiers' Manual Stevens, Milo B
View Record  INDPLS CEN TWP Sel Some Historical Notes About the Garfield Park and South Shelby Areas, Marion County Shelby Branch Library
View Record  Some Torch Bearers in Indiana Charity Dye
View Record  ETH AF AM Eas Songs of My People: African Americans: A Self-portrait Easter, Eric Easter, D. Michael Cheers, & Dudley Brooks (Editors)
View Record  Songs of the Civil War: Audio CD
View Record  Source, The - A Guidebook of American Genealogy Arlene Eakle and Johni Cerny
View Record  Source, The; Guidebook of American Genealogy, Revised Szucs, Loretto & Luebking, Sandra
View Record  South As It Is: 1865-1866 John Denett
View Record  SC Gil South Carolina: NGS Research in the States Series Gilmore, Janis Walker
View Record  Southport Cemetery Readings: CD and Notebook
View Record  Southport Elementary School; Memories 1993, 1994 School
View Record  977.2 M28p Southport High School "A Century of Pride & Progress", 1894-1994
View Record  YB Southport High School, "Anchor" N/A
View Record  Southport HS Class of 1939, 35th Reunion Booklet N/A
View Record  973.9 US19c Sp-Am: Battle of Manila Bay, The; The Spanish-American War in the Phillipines Conroy, Robert
View Record  MIL IND SP-AM Gor Sp-Am: Record of Indiana Volunteers in the Spanish American War 1898-1899 Gore, James K
View Record  Sp-Am: The Spanish-American War Goldstein, Donald
View Record  977.2 M28 Speedway High School Yearbook, "Speedette", 1943-44, 1954-55, 1957-63
View Record  Spies for the Blue and Gray Harnett Kane
View Record  St. Andrew School, 1957 Graduate List
View Record  St. Ann Catholic School; Class List 1929 Compiled by Ron Darrah
View Record  St. Joan of Arc Grade School, Class of 1957 45th Reunion Booklet
View Record  St. Joan of Arc Grade School, Class of 1957 50th Reunion Booklet
View Record  St. Joseph County, Indiana: School Manual, 1928-29 Schools
View Record  St. Mary Academy: Senior Class - 1953 Compiled by Ron Darrah
View Record  St. Mary's "The Belles of St. Mary's", Class of '48
View Record  St. Vincent Hospital and Health Care, 1881-1981
View Record  977.2 I26s St. Vincent: Heritage Collection, Nursing School, Loftis Memorial, 1983
View Record  977.2 M27 St. Vincent: Hospital, Historical Sketch, 1881-1973 Power, Freemont
View Record  St. Vincent: The Spirit of Caring, St. Vincent 1881-2006 Beck, Bill
View Record  St. Vincents' Hospital School of Nursing Yearbooks, 1962-64, 1966
View Record  977.2 M27 St. Vincents' Hospital School of Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1896-1970 Lofthus, Marie D.
View Record  St.John Academy, "A Century of Memories," 1859-1959 N/A
View Record  973.2 R03e Stage-Coach and Tavern Days Earle, Alice Morse
View Record  CEN Lai State Census Records Lainhart, Ann
View Record  State of Black Indianapolis, 1994 Indpls Urban League
View Record  977.2 I16ch Statistical Abstract of Indiana Counties
View Record  977.2 M27s Stenotype Company of Indpls, Bound Newsletters, Jul-Nov 1918 Horace M. Caldwell
View Record  IND STEU CTY Mar Steuben County, Indiana, Marriages, 1837-1859
View Record  929.2 B31s Stoltz Genealogy 1634-1980, The Stoltz, Eurus Vernon
View Record  977.2 M26h Story of Old St. John's Evangelist Church, History of Horan, Sister Rose Angela, S.P.
View Record  CEM GEN Straightening Up the Yard: Basic Hands-On Cemetery Workshop Indiana Historical Society and Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology
View Record  Street Commissioners' Association of Indiana: "The Street Commissioner", Vol. 6, #6, Nov-Dec 1964 Street Commissioners' Association of Indiana
View Record  FAM HIS STR Street: Quaker Ancestors of Keith Street Street. Keith
View Record  929 B21cor Stuart Family, the Cordell, Gene and June
View Record  Study of Place Names Baker, Ronald
View Record  Sullivan: A Direct Sullivan Bloodline From Daniel Sullivan to George W. Sullivan Sulliavan, George W.
View Record  Sullivan: The Sullivans and Allied Families Sulliavan, George W.
View Record  INDPLS HIS Dun Surname and Event Index to Dunn's Greater Indianapolis Dunn, Jacob Piatt
View Record  Surname File: Bretzman, Rogers
View Record  Surname File: Carter, Gregg
View Record  Surname File: Chamberlain
View Record  Surname File: Conner
View Record  Surname File: Cordell
View Record  Surname File: Dawson
View Record  Surname File: Eaton
View Record  Surname File: Fricker
View Record  Surname File: Griffin
View Record  Surname File: Gromer
View Record  Surname File: Grundmann, Stofer
View Record  Surname File: Haeberle
View Record  Surname File: Hague
View Record  Surname File: Hansen
View Record  Surname File: Henricks
View Record  Surname File: Hinnenkamp
View Record  Surname File: Jarvis
View Record  Surname File: Jeup
View Record  Surname File: Johnson
View Record  Surname File: Jones
View Record  Surname File: Latta
View Record  Surname File: Lawson
View Record  Surname File: Love
View Record  Surname File: Maple
View Record  Surname File: McCurdy
View Record  Surname File: McDaniel
View Record  Surname File: McKinney
View Record  Surname File: Miller
View Record  Surname File: Moore
View Record  Surname File: O'Neal
View Record  Surname File: Purcell
View Record  Surname File: Rebennack
View Record  Surname File: Scott, Alexander
View Record  Surname File: Setters
View Record  Surname File: Smith, Greer
View Record  Surname File: Speckman
View Record  Surname File: Spohr
View Record  Surname File: Stiegelmeyer
View Record  Surname File: Stiegelmeyer, Hinnenkamp
View Record  Surname File: Sturgeon
View Record  Surname File: Sutton
View Record  Surname File: Truman
View Record  Surname File: White
View Record  Surname File: Whitfield
View Record  Surname File: Young
View Record  Surname File: Scrogham
View Record  ETH IRI Mat Surnames in Ireland Matheson, Robert E.
View Record  917.5 R26k Survey of American Church Records: Major Denominations Before 1880 Vol I E Kirkham
View Record  ETH SWE Fam Sweden: Finding Records of Your Ancestors, Part A: Sweden 1860 to 1920 FamilySearch
View Record  BIO DeB Sweet Memories of "Old Indianaie," in 1870; personal experiences of Sarah Brown DeBra DeBra, Sarah Brown
View Record  Sweitzer Family (See Brazell Book) Martin, William L.
View Record  FAM HIS Swi Swift: Lucius B. Swift - A Biography Foulke, William Dudley
View Record  Swiss: Handy Guide to Swiss Genealogical Records Suess, Jared
View Record  Syllabus: NGS Pennsylvania Conference
View Record  Syllabus: The Millennium Conference, 2000 Allen County Public Library
View Record  977.2 I16f Tales of Our Hoosier Heritage Funk, Arville L.
View Record  Tartan Map, With List of the Septs N/A
View Record  ETH SCO Che Tartan: The Highland Habit Cheape, Hugh
View Record  920.1 G35t Taylor Family Records
View Record  Teacher's Guide to Genealogy; Lesson Plans and Suggestions
View Record  Ten Brick Wall Tips for Beginners: CD: Webinar, 1.5 Hr.
View Record  Tennessee Locator, The, "Where to Write fo Information in TN.
View Record  Terrible Swift Sword: The Centennial History of the Civil War Bruce Catton
View Record  CEN NARA The 1790-1890 Federal Population Census Catalog of National Archives Microfilm National Archives Trust
View Record  IND POS CTY Wil The Angel and the Serpent; The Story of New Harmony Wilson, William E.
View Record  ETH IRI Bel The Book of Ulster Surnames Bell, Robert
View Record  INDPLS HIS Ros The Circle, "The Center of Indianapolis" Rose, Ernestine Bradford
View Record  IMM Ban The Compass: Ships to Boston 1820-1860, Volume II Bangerter, Lawrence (compiled by)
View Record  The French, The Indians, and George Rogers Clark in the Illinois Country McDermott, John F; Chalou, George; Waller, George; Long, John; Smith, Dwight
View Record  IND ATL Sco The Indiana Gazetteer or Topographical Dictionary 1826 Scott, John
View Record  ETH IRI Iri The Irish at Home and Abroad: A Journal of Iris Genealogy and Heritage Radford, Dwight and Kyle Betit (editors)
View Record  ETH IRI McC The Irish Roots Guide McCarthy, Tony
View Record  ETH IRI Gif The Irish: Peopling Indiana Giffin, William
View Record  ETH IRI O'Bri The Land and People of Ireland O'Briend, Elinor
View Record  The Library: Guide to the LDS Family History Library Cerny, John
View Record  372.9 US28s The Little Red Schoolhouse: A Sketchbook of Early American Education Sloane, Eric
View Record  ETH ENG Hum The Phillimore Atlas and Index of Parish Registers Humphery-Smith, Cecil (editor)
View Record  ETH IRI Bar The Plantation of Ulster: The British Colonisation of the North of Ireland in the Seventeenth Century Bardon, Jonathon
View Record  BUS MEDIA Har The Role of Women in Indiana Newspapers (And in Other Media): 1876-1976 Harris, Betty Clayton, (editor)
View Record  IND HAM CTY Cam The Story of Hamilton County Campbell, Frank S
View Record  917.4 R25us The United Stated Census Compendium
View Record  BUS BUI Ste Then and Now: The Road Between The Story of the United Steelworkers of America USWA Education Department (Compiler)
View Record  Theta Xi Alumni Directory, 1989
View Record  Theta Xi Fraternity, 1989 Alumni Directory N/A
View Record  IMM Col They Came in Ships [1st Ed] Colletta, John P.
View Record  IMM Col They Came in Ships: A Guide to Finding Your Immigrant Ancestor's Arrival Record [3rd Ed] Colletta, John P.
View Record  This Hallowed Ground: Story of the Union Side of the Civil War Bruce Catton
View Record  This Is Indianapolis, Spring/Summer 1996 Indpls Convention and Visitors Bureau
View Record  977.2 I18t This Land of Ours: The Acquisition and Disposition of the Public Domain
View Record  This Land of Ours: The Acquisition and Disposition of the Public Domain Indiana Historical Society
View Record  973. R03c This Reckless Breed of Men: The Trappers and Fur Traders of the Southwest Cleland, Robert Glass
View Record  YB Thomas Carr Howe High School Yearbook Thomas Carr Howe High School
View Record  YB Thomas Carr Howe High School, "Class of 1955, 25 Year Reunion"
View Record  Thomas Carr Howe High School, Memories of Irvington Historical Society
View Record  929.2 M21m Thompson Family of Marion County, Indiana, The Mullen, Judy
View Record  INDPLS WAR TWP Seh Three Gilded Age Suburbs of Indianapolis: Irvington, Brightwood, Woodruff Place Sehr, Timothy J.
View Record  Timetables of American History Urdang, Laurance
View Record  Timetables of History Grun, Bernard
View Record  Tindley Collegiate/Preparatory Academy, Yearbook 2013-14 N/A
View Record  IND TIP CTY Tipcoa Tipcoa Newsletter, 2001 - 2005, Incomplete Series Tippecanoe County Area Genealogical Society
View Record  IND TIP CTY Tipcoa Tipcoa Newsletter, 2005 - 2007, Incomplete Series Tippecanoe County Area Genealogical Society
View Record  Tippecanoe County Cemetery Restoration Workshop Book
View Record  BIO Tip I Tipton: The John Tipton Papers, Vol. I - 1809-1827 Roberton, Nellie Armstrong, and Dorothy Riker
View Record  BIO Tip II Tipton: The John Tipton Papers, Vol. II - 1828-1833 Roberton, Nellie Armstrong, and Dorothy Riker
View Record  BIO Tip III Tipton: The John Tipton Papers, Vol. III - 1834-1839 Roberton, Nellie Armstrong, and Dorothy Riker
View Record  917.68 TENN Dyk TN: Tennessee: A Bicentennial History Dykeman, Wilma
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Records: 2201 to 2400 of 2648