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Records: 1601 to 1800 of 2535
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View Record  Memories of Hoosier Homemakers (Series) Arnold, Eleanor (Ed.)
View Record  BUS BANK Mer Merchants Bank: "The City and the Bank 1865-1965: The Story of 100 Years in the Life of Indianapolis and Merchants National Bank and Trust Company of Indianapolis
View Record  920.1 F35m Messersmith Family: From Germany to Marion County Tuttle, Dorothy
View Record  IND FRA CTY Ann Metamora Canal Town; A Living Memory of Yesterday Anness, Milford
View Record  977.2 C26a Methodist Episcopal Church Records, Allisonville Circuit, 1850-1876
View Record  977.2 M28w Methodist Episcopal Hospital Yearbook, "The Wesleyann", 1926
View Record  Methodist Hospital: Graduates of School of Nursing, 1910-1968 Koch, Fredericka & Parke, Ruth L.
View Record  977.2 I26cp Methodist Ministers of 19th Century Indiana
View Record  Methodist: Amazing Grace--History of Indiana Methodism, 1801-2001 McGriff, E. Carver
View Record  977.2 C26c Methodist: Castleton U. Methodist Church, Notes of
View Record  Methodist: Center United Methodist Church: History, 1849-1971
View Record  977.2 I26ga Methodist: First Methodist Episcopal, History of, 1828-1939 Compiled by Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Gascho
View Record  Methodist: History of Meridian Street United Methodist Church, 1821-1996
View Record  977.2 I26de Methodist: History of the Northwest Indiana Conference of the Methodist Church 1852-1951., The Metzler, Jack J
View Record  977.3 M27mp Methodist: Indianapolis Area of the Methodist Episcopal Church. First Quadrennium 1920-1924, The
View Record  977.2 M26kr Methodist: Lawrence United Methodist Church, History of, 1837-1984 Krulce, Ruth
View Record  977.2 M26kru Methodist: Lawrence United Methodist Church, Sesquicentennial Record of, 1837-1987 Krulce, Ruth
View Record  Methodist: Madison Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church Records, Ledger Books, 1871-1900 N/A
View Record  977.2 M26de Methodist: Marion County Methodist Church Records in the Depauw University Library
View Record  CHU MET McC Methodist: Miracle on 86th Street: A History of St. Luke's United Methodist Church McGriff, E. Carver
View Record  Methodist: Mt. Auburn Methodist Church, 2006 Directory N/A
View Record  Methodist: North Church, Story of; "A Celebration of Faith" Hale, Hester Anne
View Record  977.2 M26w Methodist: North Methodist Church; "The Story of a Church", 1931 - 1963 Compiled by Helen W. Waggoner
View Record  977.2 C26m Methodist: North United Methodist Church, 2004 Directory
View Record  CHU MET Old Bet Methodist: Old Bethel Methodist Church, Pictorial Directory Church
View Record  Methodist: Old Bethel's History: The Methodist Log Church in Warren Twp.
View Record  Methodist: The Woodside Rule; History of Woodside United Methodist Church Foley, Eric
View Record  977.2 C26w Methodist: Wesley United Methodist Church, Local History
View Record  Methodist: Woodside United Methodist Church, Scrapbook 1888-1988 (CD) N/A
View Record  973. lit Mexican War: Tennery: Mexican War Diary of Thomas D. Tennery, The Little, D.E. Livingston, Editor
View Record  973.6 R19w Mexican War: War With Mexico, The Werstein, Irving
View Record  ETH MEX Mon Mexico: Famous Mexican Americans Morey, Janet and Wendy Dunn
View Record  ETH MEX Ban Mexico: Mexican Americans Bandon, Alexandra
View Record  MI Deb MI: Michigan--NGS Research in the States Series DeBoer, Shirley
View Record  Miami, Wabash, and Erie Canal Country Black, Harry G.
View Record  Microfilm: Genealogical & Biographical Research-National Archives N/A
View Record  920. I21w Mid-American Frontier: Biographical and Historical Sketches of Early Indiana Woollen, William Wesley
View Record  Midwestern Roots Conference, 2008 Syllabus, Vols. 1 & 2 Indiana Historical Society
View Record  IMM Mil Migration, Emigration, Immigration Principally To the United States and In the United States Miller, Olga K
View Record  977.2 M27 Milestones 2000: A 20th Century Retrospective
View Record  Military Service Records: A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications N/A
View Record  Military: Using Military Records for Problem Solving Christine Rose
View Record  917.5 R03t Miracle of the Chisholm Trail Jameson, H.
View Record  FAM HIS MIT Mitchell: Ancestors of Huldah Morris Mitchell; DAR Series 2, Volume 164 Marshall, Arthur; RIppetoe, Mary Houston; Mitchell, Huldah Morris
View Record  Mitchell: History of Some Descendants of Robert Mitchell Mitchell, Will
View Record  MO: Greene County Missouri Cemeteries Ozarks Gen. Soc.
View Record  MO: List of Manuscript Collections in the Archives of the Missouri Historical Soc.
View Record  917.78 MO Nag MO: Missouri: A Bicentennial History Nagel, Paul C.
View Record  MO: Webster County Missouri Cemetery Inscriptions, Vol. I, II,& III M. Cunningham
View Record  MO: Webster County Missouri Census Data for 1860 - 1900 Ozarks Gen. Soc.
View Record  MO: Wester County Missouri Federal Census, 1860 - 1900
View Record  IND MONR CTY Plat Monroe County 1995 Plat Directory Monroe Soil and Water Conservation District
View Record  IND MONR CTY His Monroe County Historian: 2002 -2009, Incomplete Series Monroe County Historical Society, Inc.
View Record  IND MONT CTY Montgomery County Interim Report Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology, DNR, State of Indiana
View Record  977.2 C22m Monument Dealer Order Book, 1896-1899, Indianapolis [Dlr. Unk.]
View Record  929.2 M21p Moon Family, The Plummer, Morris A.
View Record  ETH IRI Mac More Irish Families MacLysaght, Edward
View Record  More Psychic Roots; Serendipity & Intuition in Genealogy Jones, Henry Z.
View Record  More than Petticoats: Remarkable Indiana Women Lapp, Rachel J and Stalter, Anita K
View Record  IND MORG CTY Jou Morgan County History and Genealogy Journal, 1997 - 2005, Incomplete Series Morgan County Genealogical Society
View Record  IND MORG CTY Jou Morgan County History and Genealogy Journal, 2006 - 2009, Incomplete Series Morgan County Genealogical Society
View Record  Mount Comfort High School: Graduates, 1902 - 1929 compiled by Ron Darrah
View Record  977.2 C22j Mount Jackson Cemetery, Wayne Towhnship, Burials List
View Record  977.2 C22m Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Warren Township, Listings and Photos
View Record  917.5 R03p Mountain Memories: Research books for West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio and Virginia Portzline, Donnell B. and Ruth Ann
View Record  912 R25G Muir's Historical Atlas - Medieval and Modern Edited by George Goodall, M.A. and R.F. Treharne, M.A., Ph.D.
View Record  FRAT ORG Mur Murat: One Hundred Years, 1884-1984 Norris, Max S. (editor)
View Record  FRAT ORG Mur Murat: Temple Yearbook Rogers, Alex L.
View Record  Murray, Thelma M., Hilton Brown Branch of IMCPL
View Record  Museum of Art, Story of Indianapolis IMA
View Record  My Diary - North and South William Russell
View Record  My History Is America's History National Endowment for Humanities
View Record  My Rear View (Memories of My Childhood) Dugdale, Dorothy
View Record  Myths After Lincoln Lloyd Lewis
View Record  973.3 US18d Nagle Journal, The: A Diary of the Life of Jacob Nagle, Sailor, From the Year 1775 to 1841 Dann, John D., ed.
View Record  ETH GER IUPUI Name Index for the Athenaeum Turner Photograph Collection IUPUI
View Record  ETH GER McD Name Index to the Indianapolis Gardeners Benefit Society 1997 McDougal, Robert A., MD
View Record  ETH GER McD Namenliste ber Pioniere des Nord-Americk, Turnerbundes der Jahre 1848-1862 McDougal, Robert
View Record  977.2 M18man Names, Ages, Occupations, and Residences of the Members of Marion County Fire Engine Company No. 1, 14 March 1859
View Record  973.2 R03my Narratives of Early Pennsylvania, West New Jersey and Delaware, 1630-1707 Edited by Albert Cook Myers
View Record  National Archives and Records Administration - A Rich Information Resource
View Record  National Genealogical Society Newsletter: 1984-1999
View Record  National Genealogical Society Quarterly: Volumes; 73-2,3,4; 74-1,3,4; 75-1,3,4; 76-1,3; 77-4
View Record  National Genealogical Society Quarterly: Volumes; 83-4; 84-1,2,3,4; 85-1,2,3,4; 86-2,3,4; 87-1,2,3,4; 88-1,2,3,4; 93-2,3
View Record  355.3 US19du National Guard, The: A Compact History Dupuy, R. Ernest, Col., USA, Ret.
View Record  973. R03j National Road Jordan, Philip D.
View Record  National Road in Indiana Lee Burns
View Record  National Road in Ohio, The Glenn Harper
View Record  National Road: Main Street of America Schneider, Norris
View Record  920. US03n Index National Social Directory
View Record  Nations at War, The - A Current History Willis Abbot
View Record  Native American Ancestors in the Eastern United States Eakle, Arlene
View Record  ETH NT AM Gle Native American: So Much to Choose From: Records Relating to American Indians Held by The National Archives and Records Administration Glenewinkel, Jill
View Record  Native Tribes of Old Ohio Tregillis, Helen
View Record  977.2 O27b Natural Gas for the Hoosier State; History of the Indiana Gas Co. Beck, B.
View Record  Naturalization Records - Philadelphia, 1789 - 1880 Family Archives Series
View Record  Naturalization: American Naturalization Processes and Procedures, 1790-1985 Newman, John J.
View Record  NAT Giu Naturalizations of Foreign Protestants in the American and West Indian Colonies Giuseppi, M.S. (Editor)
View Record  Naturalizations: They Became Americans--Finding Naturalization Records and Ethnic Origins Szucs, Loretto Dennis
View Record  Nautical Milestones: African Americans in the US Coast Guard Cary, Reby
View Record  MIL IND SITE N.Av. Bie Naval Avionics Center, 1942-1996, "Walking the Hardwood," History of Biersdorfer, Barbara, and Deborah Edwards, Steve Beckley, Diane Adams
View Record  Naval Officers Guide Arthur Ageton
View Record  Navistar (International Harvester) 50th Year Anniversary [UAW; PML; UPGWA], 1938-1988 N/A
View Record  975.6 NC24g NC: Abstract of North Carolina Wills Grimes, John Bryan
View Record  NC: NCGS Journal, Jan-Feb-Mar 2019 N/A
View Record  NC: North Carolina Taxpayers 1701-1786
View Record  NC: North Carolina--Genealogical Resources Charles Franklin
View Record  NC: North Carolina--Her Counties, Her Townships, and Her Towns
View Record  NC: North Carolina-Misc. Files N/A
View Record  920.1 G35n Neerman Family in Germany and the U.S. Neerman, David
View Record  ETH AF AM Fre Negro Baseball Leagues Fremon, David K.
View Record  ETH AF AM Tho Negro In Indiana Before 1900: A Study of a Minority Thornbrough, Emma Lou
View Record  Neighborhood of Saturdays: Multi-Ethnic Community on South Side Hyatt, Susan B. (Project Director)
View Record  ETH DUT Hof Netherlands: The Dutch: How They Live and Work [Revised Edition] Hoffman, Ann
View Record  Never Call Retreat Bruce Catton
View Record  New A To Zax: Comprehensive Genealogical Dictionary Evans, Barbara
View Record  977.2 M29f New Bethel/Wanamaker, History of, Marion County, Indiana, 1834-1984 Franklin Township Historical Society
View Record  New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 155, Oct 2001
View Record  New England Historical and Genealogical Society Newsletter: Volume V (#4), Volume VI (#2-6), VII (#1,4)
View Record  New Palestine Acton Wanamaker Fairland Telephone Directory Indiana Bell Telephone Company
View Record  977.2 C22n Newby Cemetery Readings, 79th and Spring Mill Road, Washington Township
View Record  929.2 M21n Newhouse and Related Families from Lawrence Township, Marion County, IN as of 1980 Newhouse, Elbert A., comp.
View Record  917.5 Rr03m Newspaper Genealogical Column Directory Milner, Anita Cheek, M.A.
View Record  Newspaper Indexes: A Location and Subject Guide for Researchers Anita Milner
View Record  Newspaper Research Hosman, Lloyd
View Record  NGS Newsmagazine: 2000-01(incomplete)
View Record  NGS Pennsylvania Conference
View Record  929.1 G03f Niblack Family: Chronicles and Genealogy Records Frew, Ellen Niblack
View Record  METH Ros Nicknames Past and Present [3rd Edition, Revised and Enlarged] Rose, Christine
View Record  Nineteen's 19, Teacher Source Book, 1778-1850 Indiana Historical Society
View Record  Nineteen's 19, Teacher Source Book, 1851-1920 Indiana Historical Society
View Record  Nineteenth-Century Germans To America Smith, Clifford
View Record  BUS BANK Haw Ninety Years and Growing. The Story of Lincoln National Hawfield, Michael C.
View Record  NJ Arm NJ: Pioneer Families of Northwestern New Jersey Armstrong, William C.
View Record  NJ Sal NJ: Place Names of Salem County, New Jersey Salem County Historical Society
View Record  917.89 NMEX Sim NM: New Mexico: A Bicentennial History Simmons, Marc
View Record  No-Frills Guide to the 50 States Christina Schaefer
View Record  Noble County: History of; Misc. Maps & News Articles/ Diary and Military Letters, Span-Am War & Philippine Insurrection Holcomb, Thurlo C.
View Record  Noblesville High School, Hamilton County, IN; Alumni of, 1876 - 1894 extracted by Ron Darrah
View Record  977.2 M28 Normal College "Gymnast", 1926, 1937
View Record  977.2 28r Normal College of the American Gymnastic Union, History of, Indiana University, 1866-1966 Rinsch, Emil
View Record  NC Hai North Carolina: NGS Research in the States Series Haines, Jeffrey
View Record  North Central High School Alumni Directory, 2001 School
View Record  YB North Central High School Yearbook North Central High School
View Record  YB North Central High School, The Story of, "Hopes, Dreams, & Books" 1956 to 2004 Gulde, William
View Record  YB Northwest High School Yearbook Northwest High School
View Record  YB Northwest High School, "Northwest Passage", A Collection of Student Writings Northwest High School students
View Record  IND HIS Tay Northwest Ordinance 1787: A Bicentennial Handbook Taylor, Robert M. Jr., (Editor)
View Record  Northwest Telstar: Sept 3 and Sept 20, 1963 Northwest High School
View Record  Northwest Territory: Establishment of the First U.S. Govt. Post Offices in the NW Territory. Devol, Jerry
View Record  Numbering Your Genealogy Curren, Joan Ferris
View Record  973. R03kn NY: History of New York: From the Beginning of the World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty Knickerbocker, Diedrich
View Record  929.3 B03m NY: Index to Marriages and Deaths in the New York Herald 1856-1863
View Record  NY Hof NY: Long Island Source Records: From the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record Hoff, Henry B.
View Record  929.1 R24wat Obituaries: Abstracts of Obituaries in the "Western Christian Advocate" newspaper, 1834-1850 Waters/Riker/Leistner, I.H.S.
View Record  ETH GER Rip Of German Ways Rippley, LaVern
View Record  OH: Along the Ohio Trail: A Short History of Ohio Lands
View Record  OH: History of Washington County, Ohio, 1788-1881 Williams & Bro.
View Record  OH: Ohio Records & Pioneer Families, Surname Index, Vols. 1-26
View Record  OH: Ohio Valley History - Quarterly: Volume 3, 4 and 5; 2003 to 2005 Filson Historical Society
View Record  917.71 Ohio Hav OH: Ohio, A Bicentennial History Havighurst, Walter
View Record  OH: Pioneer Biography, Sketches of Early Settlers of Butler Co., OH McBride, James
View Record  OH: The Report (Ohio Gen. Soc.), Volumes 34, 37-41 Ohio Gen. Soc
View Record  OH: Tuscarawas County Marriages, 1880-1905, 3 Volumes
View Record  Ohio Civil War Genealogy Journal, 1998, Vol II, Nos 1,2,3,4 Crow, Amy J., Editor
View Record  Ohio Genealogical Research George Schweitzer
View Record  Ohio Genealogical Society Newsletter: 2006-08 complete, 2009(no summer)
View Record  Ohio Genealogical Society Quarterly: 1999-2008
View Record  917.3 R03 Ohio: The Rivers of America
View Record  Ohio: Genealogical Research Guide John Heisey
View Record  OH Gag Ohio: NGS Research in the States Series Gagel Diane VanSkiver
View Record  Ohio; Research in Ohio Wendy Elliott
View Record  Old Briton & Welsh Heritage Jones, Gilbert
View Record  BIO Pra Old Crop in Indiana, the Pratt, Sarah S.
View Record  942. E03k Old England - A Pictorial Museum Edited by Charles Knight
View Record  IND OWEN CTY Loc Old Fauntleroy Home Lockridge, Ross F.
View Record  Old Forts of the Far West Herbert Hart
View Record  Old Kentucky - Entries and Deeds W. Jilson
View Record  977.2 I16b Vol I Old Northwest: Pioneer Period, 1815-1840, Vol I Buley, R. Carlyle
View Record  977.2 I16b Vol II Old Northwest: Pioneer Period, 1815-1840, Vol II Buley, R. Carlyle
View Record  IND TIP CTY Cox Old Settlers: Recollections of the Early Settlement of the Wabash Valley Cox, Sandford C.
View Record  Oldstone's Guide to Creative Rubbings
View Record  977.2 I28b Once Over Lightly - A Indiana University Story Beck, Daisy Woodward
View Record  917.7 I17p Once Upon a Time 150 Years Ago Peek, David T.
View Record  One Hundred and Fifty Years of Indiana Agriculture Indiana Historical Bureau
View Record  977.2 I27 One Hundred Years of Indiana Medicine, 1849-1949 Combs, Charles N., M.C., and Kiser, Edgar F., M.C.
View Record  Online Roots Porter, Pamela Boyer
View Record  Only A Few Bones John Phillip Colletta
View Record  Orange County, Paoli Old Town IOOF Cemetery N/A
View Record  Orange County: IOOF Cemetery Readings, Orleans UNK
View Record  Orange County: Marriage Index, 1920-1933 N/A
View Record  977.2 S28o Orchard School Alumni Directory, 1922-1997
View Record  977.2 M28 Orchard School, History of, "Path Well Chosen" 1922-1984 Caterina Cregor
View Record  Order of the Eastern Star, Irvington Chapter, 1987-88
View Record  917.5 H03nw Ordinance of 1787 and Old Northwest Territory, The
View Record  METH Fle Organized Family Historian: How to FIle, Manage, and Protect your Genealogical Reseach and Heirlooms Fleming, Ann Carter
View Record  Original Patentees of Land at Washington, D.C., Prior to 1700 Bessie Gahn
View Record  ETH SCO Dob Original Scots Colonists of Early America, 1612-1783 Dobson, David
View Record  973.91 R03f Orphan Trains Fry, Annette R.
View Record  917.5 M03i Orphans of the Ozarks Inmon, James
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Records: 1601 to 1800 of 2535