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View Record  977.249 Indianapolis City Guide 1988 (monthly)
View Record  977.249 Indianapolis City Guide 1990-91 (monthly)
View Record  977.2 S28p Indianapolis College of Pharmacy, "Mistura", 1940
View Record  Indianapolis Directory, City Guide and Business Mirror, 1855 Grooms & Smith
View Record  Indianapolis Fastmap
View Record  ORG Clubs Indianapolis Federation of Community Civic Clubs: Annual 1953-54 Indianapolis Federation of Civic Clubs
View Record  977.2 M20 Indianapolis Fire Dept, History of, Vol. 3 1983-1993
View Record  Indianapolis First: Chamber of Commerce, 1890-1990 Geib, George & Miriam
View Record  977.2 M20ca Indianapolis From Our Old Corner Cathcart, Charlotte
View Record  977.2 M28 Indianapolis General Hospital School of Nursing: The 1957 "Gleam" [See also Marion County General Hospital]
View Record  YB see Shortridge HS Indianapolis High School Graduates; 1869 - 1910 Darrah, Ron (compiled by)
View Record  YB see Shortridge HS Indianapolis High School Yearbook
View Record  977.2 M20h Indianapolis in the "Gay Nineties"; High School Diaries of Claude G. Bowers, Shortridge High School, Indianapolis Hamilton, Holman and Thornbrough, Gayle (editors)
View Record  977.2 M271 Indianapolis in the World of Books; 100 Anniversary of Public Library Service in Indianapolis, Indiana
View Record  Indianapolis in Vintage Postcards Madden, W.C.
View Record  977.2 M27m Indianapolis Landscape Architecture, 1800-1983 Maloney, Michael, and Kenneth J. Remenschneider
View Record  Indianapolis Leading the Way Price, Nelson
View Record  977.2 M27in Indianapolis Literary Club: Summarized Record Compiled by the Secretary, Francis H. Insley
View Record  ORG LIT Con Indianapolis Literary Club: Summarized Record, 1976-2003 Connor, Lawrence S. (editor.)
View Record  ORG Wom Indianapolis Local Council of Women 1892-1924 The Indianapolis Local Council of Women
View Record  610.2 O27m Indianapolis Medical Society, 2003 Pictorial Roster
View Record  Indianapolis Metro Area Map and Street Index w/Johnson Co., Mar 1995 Johnson, Fred F
View Record  Indianapolis Normal School "Vanguard", 1922
View Record  Indianapolis Normal School, "Jacksonian" Yearbook, 1910 N/A
View Record  977.2 M28wk Indianapolis Public School Directories: Various Student Registers of William McKinley #39, dating from 1898
View Record  977.2 M28dir Indianapolis Public Schools - Staff Directories, 1873-1896
View Record  Indianapolis Public Schools - Staff Directories, 1952-65, 1968-75
View Record  Indianapolis Public Schools Directory of Staff, 1895-1988
View Record  Indianapolis Public Schools Graduation List: Shortridge, 1869 to 1910 Wayne Township Graduation List: Ben Davis HS, 1896 to 1938 Darrah, Ron (compiled by)
View Record  Indianapolis Public Schools, "Boundaries of School Districts", Sept 1907
View Record  Indianapolis Public Schools, Directory of, 1908
View Record  Indianapolis Public Schools, Manual of, 1889-1890
View Record  977.2 S28d Indianapolis Public Schools, Student Enrollment, 1890 Darrah, Ron
View Record  Indianapolis Public Schools: Organization, Staff, Board, School Locations IPS Education Center
View Record  977.2 M28 Indianapolis Public Schools: Truancy Department Record Book, 1909-1915
View Record  TRANS RAIL Mar Indianapolis Railways: A Complete History of the Company and its Predecessors from 1864 to 1957 Marlette, Jerry
View Record  977.2 H20s Indianapolis Remembered: Christian Schrader's Sketches of Early Indianapolis Schrader, Christian
View Record  Indianapolis Sesquicentennial
View Record  Indianapolis Social Clubs Hillman, Jim & Murphy, John
View Record  977.2 A25am Indianapolis Street Atlas, 1999
View Record  Indianapolis Street Guide, 1958
View Record  IND ATL Ind Indianapolis Street Guide, 1975 City of Indianapolis
View Record  Indianapolis Suburban Directory 1977-78
View Record  Indianapolis Suburban Directory 1983
View Record  Indianapolis Suburban Directory 1988
View Record  Indianapolis Suburban Directory Microfilm Roll: 1957 - 1966
View Record  Indianapolis Suburban Directory Microfilm Roll: 1969-1970
View Record  BUS PERF ARTS Gla Indianapolis Theaters From A to Z Gladson, Gene
View Record  Indianapolis Then and Now Madden, W. C.
View Record  Indianapolis Through Our Eyes: Indianapolis Star 1903-2003 N/A
View Record  TRANS RAIL Het Indianapolis Union Station: Trains, Travelers, and Changing Times Heatherington, James R.
View Record  977.2 M27gi Indianapolis Water Company, History of, "Water Runs Downhill" Griffin, Marjie Gates
View Record  Indianapolis Water Company: Annual Report; 1952 Indianapolis Water Co.
View Record  IMM Baer Indianapolis: A City Of Immigrants Baer, M. Teresa
View Record  INDPLS HIS Lea Indianapolis: A Pictorial History Leary, Edward A.
View Record  Indianapolis: Crossroads Of The American Dream Lugar, Richard
View Record  977.2 M20g Indianapolis: Hoosiers' Circle City Geib, George W.
View Record  Indianapolis: Now and Long Ago Mallett, Ann
View Record  977.2 M20h Indianapolis: The First Century Hale, Hester Anne
View Record  INDPLS HIS Lea Indianapolis: The Story of a City Leary, Edward A.
View Record  GSMC website Indianapolis. A Historical and Statistical Sketch of the Railroad City, A Chronicle of Its Social, Municipal, Commercial and Manufacturing Progress with Full Statistical Tables Holloway, W.R
View Record  977.2 M29twp Indianapolis/Marion County Registered Neighborhood Organizations; April 1, 1997 Quarterly Update Compiled by Department of Metropolitan Development, Division of Planning, Indianapolis, IN 46204
View Record  Indianian, The: A Journal Devoted to the Conservation of the Industrial Resources of Indiana; March 24, 1917 Allan Haynes
View Record  Indians Brandon, William
View Record  Indians and a Changing Frontier Cooke, Sarah
View Record  Indians and the Changing Frontier: The Art of George Winter Sarah Cooke
View Record  Indians Of The Americas Collier, John
View Record  970.1 H03b Indians, The American Heritage Book of Brandon, William
View Record  IND HEN CTY Fri Industrial Souvenir of Hendricks County,1904 Friends Press
View Record  Industrial Training School Annual, "Mind and Hand", May 1898
View Record  977.2 M20des Indy Bazaar; An Offbeat Guide to Greater Living for Less in Indianapolis Desmeules, Jo, and Nancy Brant
View Record  Indy Lineages: Volumes 1 thru 10, 1996 - 2005
View Record  Infernal Machines: The Story of Confederate Submarine and Mine Warfare Milton Perry
View Record  910. US03p Ink, Art, and All That; How American Places Got Their Names Pizer, Vernon
View Record  IND GRA CTY McG Interesting Episodes in the Early History of Marion and Grant County IN McGrew, W. H.
View Record  977.24 International Guide to Indianapolis
View Record  ETH AF AM Pat International Library of Negro Life and History: The Negro In Music and Art Patterson, Lindsay (Editor)
View Record  ETH ENG ISB International Society for British Genealogy and Family History Newsletter, 1991-93 Cook, Susan and Joy Wade Moulton
View Record  International Stereotypers and Electrotypers' Union of North America; 29th Annual Convention Indianapolis, IN., July 1930
View Record  International Vital Records Handbook (Ordering Information) Kemp,Thomas Jay
View Record  Internet for Genealogists Wilson, Richard and Renick, Barbara
View Record  Internet Genealogy Magazine: May,Sep '08; Jan,Mar,Apr,Aug '09
View Record  ETH AF AM Sto Interpretive Stories of the Underground Railroad in The Indianapolis Area Stokes-Lucas, Dona, et al (Researchers)
View Record  977.2 M30w Inventory of the County Archives of Indiana - No. 49, Marion County, 1938
View Record  IND SHEL CTY W.P.A. Inventory of the County Archives of Indiana - No. 73, Shelby County Indiana Historical Records Survey, WPA
View Record  IND MORG CTY W.P.A. Inventory of the County Archives of Indiana: No. 55, Morgan County Works Project Administration
View Record  IOOF State Programs: Jeffersonville Post Members, State Silver Anniversary Program 1894; State Memorial Program 1901 IOOF
View Record  977.2 M27io IOOF, Application Forms, Broad Ripple Lodge 548, 1922-1928
View Record  IPS - Names of Our Schools Fredrick Gale
View Record  IPS - A Brief History, 1870
View Record  IPS - Arsenal Technical High School History Materials
View Record  IPS - Emmerich Manual High School, Collection One: History and Other Materials
View Record  IPS - High School Commencement Programs
View Record  IPS - Shortridge High School Collection One: Various Materials
View Record  IPS - Shortridge High School Collection Two: Sports Materials
View Record  IPS - William McKinley #39 Directory of Staff Listings for 1895-1995
View Record  IPS - William McKinley #39 Yearbook, 1979, 1981, 1985, 1989-90
View Record  IPS - William McKinley #39, History of, 1895-1988
View Record  IPS Board of School Commisioners, A Chronological List of All Presidents; 1853 to 1967
View Record  977.2 M28ips IPS Elementary School History Notes Compiled by Ron Darrah
View Record  IPS School 21: Class Photos 1922-1981 and Reunion Photos Alumni Assoc.
View Record  IPS School 51: Brightwood School Reunion, 1942 Darrah, Ron
View Record  IPS School 91: Yearbook, 1997
View Record  929.41 E03i Ireland Locality Catalog 1990 LDS
View Record  ETH IRI Fal Irish and Scotch-Irish Ancestral Research, Vol. 1, Repositories & Records Falley, Margaret Dickson
View Record  ETH IRI Fal Irish and Scotch-Irish Ancestral Research, Vol. 2, Bibliography & Family Index Falley, Margaret Dickson
View Record  ETH IRI Yur Irish Family History Yurdan, Marilyn
View Record  ETH IRI Col Irish Family Research Made Simple Collins, E J
View Record  Eth IRI Wou Irish Names and Surnames Woulfe, Rev. Patrick
View Record  Ironworkers, 1896-2006; History of the Iron Workers Union N/A
View Record  977.2 M29i Irvington Historical Society, Collected Papers, 1967-1968
View Record  Isaac Blackford The Indiana Blackstone: Indiana Supreme Court Legal History Series Thornton, W.W.
View Record  977.2 B21g It's My Life Gallo, Mario
View Record  ETH ITL Div Italy: Indianapolis Italians Divita, James J.
View Record  IUPUI Commencement Program, May 1974 IUPUI
View Record  IUPUI- The Making of an Urban University Gray, Ralph D.
View Record  Jack and Jill: A Study in Our Christian Names
View Record  977.2 H03j Jackson County: Genealogical Society Journal, 1997 - Current, Incomplete Series, Vol 1
View Record  920.1 G35j Jackson Genealogy
View Record  Jansen: Travels of John Jansen, The Ron Darrah
View Record  920 31c Jarnagin Collection and Allied Families Clark, Glenn Susong
View Record  Jay County: Portland, Indiana, Centennial, 1836-1936 N/A
View Record  Jaycee Election Issue of the Jaycee Citizen: May 1952 Indianapolis Junior C of C
View Record  Jesse James Was His Name Settle, William A.
View Record  977.2 H26en Jewish Community of Indianapolis 1849 to the Present. Judith Endelman
View Record  301.4 US26m Jewish Immigrants In America; "Taking Root"
View Record  Jewish: Guide Book & Directory, Congregation Beth-El Zedeck Congregation
View Record  301.4 R26il Jewish: Illustrated History of the Jewish People., The
View Record  Jewish: Membership Directory, Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation Congregation
View Record  956. R18s Jewish: Ringelblum: Notes From the Warsaw Ghetto; Journal of Emmanuel Ringelblum Sloan, Jacob
View Record  296.6 M26r Jewish: Social History of the Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation; "To 120 Years"; 1856-1976 Rosenberg, Ethel and David
View Record  YB John Marshall High School Yearbook John Marshall High School
View Record  IND JOH CTY Ave Johnson County: Greenwood, Indiana: It's History 1823 - 1965 Averitt, Will F.
View Record  IND Johnson Cty Ban Johnson County: History of Banta, David Demaree
View Record  Johnson County: History of, 1913 Branigin, Elba L.
View Record  IND JOH CTY DNR Johnson County: Interim Report Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology, DNR, State of Indiana
View Record  Johnson County: Newsletter of the Johnson County Museum: Mar, Jun 1996; Mar, Jun, Sept 1997 N/A
View Record  BIO Joh Johnson: Home in the Woods: Pioneer Life in Indiana: Oliver Johnson's Reminiscences of Early Marion County as related by Howard Johnson Johnson, Oliver
View Record  977.2 H22a Jones: Mystery Solved, or Where is Rebecca Jones Alloway, R.
View Record  920.1 F35j Jones/Lightfoot: The Search for William Jones and Nancy Lightfoot
View Record  ETH AF AM Joh Journal of Negro Education; A Howard University Quarterly Review of Issues Incident to the Education of Black People Johnson, Sylvia T (Editor)
View Record  ETH AF AM Wil Journal of Negro History Williams, Lorraine A. (Editor)
View Record  ETH AF AM Woo Journal of Negro History: Volume II Woodson, Carter G. (Editor)
View Record  Journal of New York Genealogical and Biographical Record: 2002-05 (incomplete)
View Record  Journal of Southern History, The
View Record  IND Bur Just Us Hoosiers, and How We Got That Way Burgess, Dale
View Record  ETH GER Fau Justly Proud, A German American Family in Indiana Fauvre, Beverly Raffensperger
View Record  917.72 IND Nic Kankakee; Chronicle of an Indiana River and Its Fabled Marshes Nichols, Fay Folsom
View Record  977.2 M27k Keep An Eye On That Mummy; A History of the Children's Museum of Indianapolis Kriplen, Nancy
View Record  Keepers of Light: A History & Working Guide to Early Photographic Processes Crawford, William
View Record  917.5 R03vr Keeping Family Stories Alive Vera Rosenbluth
View Record  920.1 G35k Kennedy Family Records
View Record  Kentuckians in Ohio and Indiana Stuart Sprague
View Record  Kentucky Ancestors Quarterly, 1985-90
View Record  Kentucky Ancestory: A Research Guide
View Record  Kentucky Gazette, The - 1787-1800, and 1801-1820 K. Green
View Record  Kentucky Historical Atlas
View Record  Kentucky Land Grants W. Jilson
View Record  Kentucky Locator, The: Names of Towns and Counties
View Record  KY Cli Kentucky Marriages, 1797-1865 Clift, G. Glenn
View Record  Kentucky Pioneer Genealogy and Records Journal, 1979-83
View Record  Kentucky; Early Kentucky Settlers: 1700's to 1800's Family Archives Series
View Record  KY Coo Kentucky: NGS Research in the States Series Cook, Betty Cummings
View Record  Keys to the Courthouse, Volume II, "The Records" Charles Franklin
View Record  Klingenschmidt: Descendants of Philip Klingenschmidt Bowen, Thomas
View Record  977.2 O28k Knights Templar, Raper Commandery #1, Bylaws of, Indianapolis
View Record  929.1 R03w Know Your Ancestors Ethel Williams
View Record  Knox County: Early Documents
View Record  MIL IND KOR WAR Mil Korea: Honoring Those Who Paid The Price; Forgotten Voices Of The Korean War Mills, Randy K.
View Record  ETH KOR Ban Korea: Korean Americans Bandon, Alexandra
View Record  920.1 F35k Korra-Mahrdt Connection Korra, Herbert
View Record  Kothe Family, 1748-1891 Kothe, William (Update-Kothe, Herman W.)
View Record  KY: Filson Club History Quarterly: Volume 73-76, 1999-2002
View Record  KY: Kentucky Pioneer and Court Records Adams, Mrs. Harry
View Record  KY: Kentucky: A Chronology & Documentary Handbook R. Vexlor
View Record  KY Lou KY: Lines and By Lines Journal: Vol 1. 2005-2009 Louisville Genealogical Society
View Record  KY Lou KY: Lines and By Lines Journal: Vol 2: 2010-2012 Louisville Genealogical Society
View Record  917.63 LOU Tay LA: Louisiana; A Bicentennial History Taylor, Joe Gray
View Record  IND LAK CTY Woo Lake County: First Hundred Years of Lake County, Indiana: As Lived and Acted by Bartlett Woods and Family and Sam B. Woods and Family Woods, Sam B.
View Record  LAND IHS Land Claims Vincennes District: A Report and documents from the Commissioner of the General Land Office, in relation to Land Claims in the Vincennes Land District in the State of Indiana,1835 Indiana House Document
View Record  977.2 A27w Land Maps, Indianpolis Water Company, 1956 and 1969
View Record  977.2 M30l Land Ownership in Marion County, Indiana, 1821-1824, Extraction compiled by Darlington, Jane E.
View Record  Land Records for AL, AR, FL, LA, MI, MN, OH, WI, 1790-1907 Family Archives Series
View Record  Land Records: Ft. Wayne Land Office , 1823-1852 N/A
View Record  Land Records: Laporte-Winamac Land Office, 1833-1855 N/A
View Record  Land, Military, and Census Records of America Kay Kirkham
View Record  Lane: Road to Washington, The; Henry S. Lane, the Rise of an Indiana Politician, 1842-1860 Hall, Michael
View Record  ETH GER Dic Langenscheidt's Standard Dictionary of the English and German Languages Roy, Dietrich
View Record  920.1 F35l Laposa: Our Common Ancestor -- John Laposa, 1889-1962
View Record  YB Lawrence Central High School Yearbook Lawrence Central High School
View Record  Lawrence County, Indiana Map; (Bedford and Mitchell); 1990 Bedford Chamber of Commerce
View Record  Lawrence County: Century of Guthrie Twp. Schools Allen, Melvin E.
View Record  Lawrence County: History of (Also Orange and Washington Cos.), 1884
View Record  Lawrence County: Tunnelton Deaths Cook, C. E.
View Record  Lawrence North High School Yearbook, 1981
View Record  977.2 S281 Lawrence North High School, "Class of '78 & '79 Reunion"
View Record  977.2 S28l Lawrence Township, Graduates of, High Schools 1895 - 1941
View Record  Laws of Indiana Territory, The, 1801-1809
View Record  Laws Relating to the Institutions of the State of Indiana Hastings, Allen & Hastings
View Record  ETH AF AM Wri Lay Down Body: Living History in African American Cemeteries Wright, Roberta Hughes and Wilbur B. Hughes III
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Records: 1201 to 1400 of 2468