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View Record  977.2 A25s Dreher's Simplex Guide - Indianapolis
View Record  977.2 C32d Dreher's Simplex Guide - Indianapolis, 1914-15
View Record  Drehobl: Josef & Anna Maria (Lenz) Drehobl Family; From Kreuzberg, Bavaria, Ger. to Bedford, IN, 1883-1885 Hutton, Edward L.
View Record  BIO Dre Dresser: On The Banks Of the Wabash: The Life and Music of Paul Dresser Henderson, Clayton W.
View Record  DuBois County: WW1 Veterans List, 1919 N/A
View Record  BIO Dun Dunn: Jacob Piatt Dunn, Jr.: A Life In History, 1855-1924 Boomhower, Ray E.
View Record  355. US28am Duty, Honor, Country: A History of West Point Ambrose, Stephen E.
View Record  929.2 B31n France Duvall: Mareen Duvall of Middle Plantation France
View Record  Early Eminent Educators of Indiana To 1875 Smart, James
View Record  Early Imprints Of The Indiana Historical Society, Guide to, 1619-1840 Darbee, Leigh
View Record  977.2 I03w Early Indiana Trails and Surveys Wilson, George R.
View Record  977.2 M20h Early Indianapolis, Vol. 7, No. 5 Hodges, Mrs. Laura Fletcher
View Record  977.2 M16ho Early Indianapolis, Vol. 7, No. 5 Hodges, Mrs. Laura Fletcher
View Record  Early Kentucky Settlers: The Records of Jefferson County The Filson Club
View Record  929.5 R22g Early New England Gravestone Rubbings Gillon, Edmund Vincent, Jr.
View Record  Early Nineteenth-Century German Settlers in Ohio, Kentucky, & Other States Smith, Clifford
View Record  Early Peoples of Indiana Jones, James R. and Johnson, Amy L.
View Record  GSMC website Early Reminiscences of Indianapolis, With Short Biographical Sketches of Its Early CItizens, and of a Few of the Prominent Business Men of the Present Day Nowland, John
View Record  Early Settler Children Kalman, Bobbie
View Record  FRAT ORG East Eastern Star: A Century of Stars in Indiana: Grand Chapter of Indiana Order of the Eastern Star, 1874-1974 Eastern Star
View Record  Eastside Indianapolis: A Brief History Young, Julie
View Record  Eastside Story: Community Heights Suburban Neighborhood Hyatt, Susan et al
View Record  Edington Lineage, Earl Kenneth Edington Edington, Vanda (Elrod)
View Record  Edmonds: Journals of Amanda Virginia Edmonds, 1857-1867 (Lass of the Mosby Confederacy) Baird, Nancy C.
View Record  977.2 H16e Education in Indiana, 1793-1934 Cotton, F.
View Record  Eisele, George: Master Stonecarver of Lawrence County, Indiana, A Collection
View Record  977.2 M27t Electrifying Indianapolis. The Story of Indianapolis Power & Light Company Todd, Zane G.
View Record  341.4 R03re Ellis Island Reef, Catherine
View Record  Ellis Island's Famous Immigrants Moreno, Barry
View Record  Ellis Island: Gateway to America Loretta Dennis Szucs
View Record  Emmerich Manual H. S. "Senior Booster", 1923-32, 1939, 1944
View Record  YB Emmerich Manual High School Yearbook Emmerich Manual High School
View Record  Emmerich Manual High School, "A History", 1895-1969 Carolyn Griffin
View Record  Emmerich Manual High School, "Mind, Hand, and Heart", A Brief 100 yr. History Ray Schultz
View Record  Emmerich Manual High School, "Scrapbook" Louise Talentire
View Record  977.2 M28em Emmerich Manual High School, Alumni Directory, 1895 - 1995
View Record  Emmerich Manual High School, School Histories and Various Notes, Classes of 1896, 1913, 1928
View Record  Emmerich Manual Training High School: "The Booster", Feb. 16, 1945
View Record  973. R03ca Encyclopedia of American Facts and Dates, The
View Record  Encyclopedia of Associations, Name and Keyword Index
View Record  Encyclopedia of Associations, sections 1-6
View Record  Encyclopedia of Associations, sections 7-18
View Record  977.2 M03bo Encyclopedia of Indianapolis, The Bodenhamer, David J. and Robert G. Barrows, editors
View Record  Encyclopedia of North American Indian Tribes Yenne, Bill
View Record  English Ancestry and Homes of the Pilgrim Fathers Banks, Charles
View Record  973.2 E03 English Colonies in America Doyle
View Record  ETH ENG Kon English Family Research [Revised Edition] Konrad, J
View Record  977.2 M26h Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis, History of, 1838-1988
View Record  Episcopal: Organs of Christ Church Cathedral, The Rev. Robert Giannini
View Record  977.2 M26p Episcopal: St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Parish Registers, 1870-1910
View Record  977.2 M26pa Episcopal: St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Parish Registers, 1911-1954
View Record  977.2 C26r Episcopal: St. Paul's Episcopal, History of
View Record  977.2 M26st Episcopal: Trinity Episcopal Church, History of, 1919-1969, Includes Church of the Advent Georgianne Strange
View Record  977.2 M26t Episcopal: Trinity Episcopal Church, Parish Registers, 1919-1970
View Record  929 B31e Ericson: Ancestors of Tillie Sturm Ericson and Their Descendants in America, The Ericson, Tillie Sturm
View Record  IMM Din Ethnic Minorities In America, History of; "Aliens" Dinnerstein, Leonard (Ed.)
View Record  929.1 A03e Europa Auto-Atlas
View Record  European Map in the German Language
View Record  920 M21e Evans: J. Beatrice Evans, A Memorial Tribute to Julia Beatrice Evans
View Record  917.3 wri Everyday Life in the New Nation, 1787-1860 Wright, Louis B. , and Elaine W. Fowler
View Record  Everyday Life of the North American Indian White, Jon Manchip
View Record  METH Mills Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyperspace [2nd and 3rd Editions] Mills, Elizabeth Shown
View Record  Evidence: Citation and Analysis for the Family Historian Mills, Elizabeth Shown
View Record  Evidence: Special Issue of NGS Quarterly N/A
View Record  Executive Journal Of Indiana Territory, 1800-1816 Woolen, William Wesley (Ed.)
View Record  977.2 M32k Exploring Indianapolis; The Young Side of Town Kriplen, Nancy and Margaret Winter
View Record  929.2 M21f Fabulous Hoosier; A Story of American Achievement Fisher, Jane
View Record  Fairfax Genealogical Society Newsletter: Volumes 5(1); 10(4,5); 11(1,4,5)
View Record  Faith Community: A Historic Walking Tour
View Record  977.2 C22f Fall Creek Cemetery: Family Ties Ping, Donald H
View Record  Family Chronicle Magazine: Mar/Apr '01; Jan/Feb '02; Feb,Jun,Oct '04; Feb,Apr,Aug '05; Aug,Dec '06; Jun '08
View Record  Family History and Genealogy Conference: Midwestern Roots 2005, 2008
View Record  917.5 R03j Family History for Fun and Profit Jones and Eakle
View Record  IND ATL Boy Family Maps of Marion County, Indiana Deluxe Edition Boyd, Gregory A.
View Record  IND WAY CTY LaM Family Pathways LaMaster, Bob (editor)
View Record  ETH AF AM Bea Family Pride: The Complete Guide to Tracing African-American Genealogy Beasley, Donna
View Record  977.2 M20g Family Quest Journal, GSMC, Bound by Year, All from 1996-present
View Record  977.2 M20f Family Quest Journal, GSMC, Surname Index, Vol. 1-5
View Record  Family Records Today - Quarterly: Volume 6, 7, 8 (no Issue 2), 9 (no Issue 4) and Volume 10 (Issues 2&3 only) Journal of American Family Records
View Record  Family Ties That Bind: 2nd Annual Central Ind. Family History Con.
View Record  917.5 R03c Family Tree Guide Book Emily Croom
View Record  MAG 2014 Family Tree Magazine Family Tree
View Record  Family Tree Problem Solver Rising, Marsha
View Record  917.5 R03c Family Tree Resource Book: Essential Guide to American County and Town Sources Sharon Carmack
View Record  973.3 US31Mc Famous American Women
View Record  Famous Merchants Sigmund Lavine
View Record  Favor the Bold: Custer - The Civil War Years D. A. Kinsey
View Record  Federal Union, The Lucille Hicks
View Record  Federalist, The; The Famous Papers on the Principles of American Government Wright, Benjamin F., Editor
View Record  Federation of Genealogical Societies Forum Newsletter: 1989-2009
View Record  FGS Syllabus--2007 Conference Fort Wayne, IN N/A
View Record  ETH GER Ste Fifty Years of Unrelenting German Aspirations in Indianapolis, 1848-1898 Stempfels, Theodore
View Record  Fighting Fleets, The Ralph Paine
View Record  Filtration of Water
View Record  Finding Anyone Anywhere Anywhen Elliot, Noel
View Record  Finding Indiana Ancestors N/A
View Record  Finding Indiana Ancestors: A Guide To Historical Research Baer, M. Teresa & Breeze, Geneil
View Record  IL DuM Finding Your Chicago Ancestors DuMelle, Grace
View Record  METH McC Finding Your Famous and Infamous Ancestors McClure, Rhonda
View Record  Finding Your Father's War Gawne, Jonathan
View Record  Finding Your People in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia R. Good
View Record  Finding Your Roots Online Nancy Hendrickson
View Record  ETH FIN Jut Finland: A History of Finland Jutikkala, Eino, with Kauko Pirinen
View Record  977.2 H30s First Annual Report of Samuel L. Shank, Mayor, 1910 Shank, Samuel L.
View Record  977.2 I21p First Ladies of Indiana and the Governors 1816-1984 Post, Margaret Moore
View Record  920.1 G35f Fish: Indiana Descendants of Jonathan Fish, 1770-1846 Fricke, Douglas C.
View Record  Flackville (Indianapolis, IN) School and Neighborhood Collection Compiled by Ron Darrah
View Record  Flanner & Buchanan: Thru The Years With Indianapolis F&B
View Record  INDPLS CEN TWP Ind Fletcher Place Historic Area Preservation Plan 13 Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission
View Record  977.2 M18f Fletcher: The Diary of Calvin Fletcher - Volumes I thru IX Thornbrough, Gayle (editor)
View Record  388.3 R031 Flying Machine: A Stagecoach Journey in 1774 John Loeper
View Record  Following The Paper Trail; A Multilingual Translation Guide Shea, Jonathan
View Record  977.2 C26a For the Good of the City 2005 Interfaith Alliance, Indpls.
View Record  Fort Harrison, Memories Of Blaine Zoojk
View Record  MIL IND SITE Ft. B Bow Fort Harrison: American Army in the Heartland: A History of Fort Benjamin Harrison, 1903-1995 Bower, Stephen E.
View Record  Fort Smith: Little Gibraltar in the Arkansas
View Record  IND ALL CTY Poi Fort Wayne During the Canal Era, 1828 - 1855 Poinsatte, Charles R.
View Record  977.2 H16F Fort Wayne State Development Center, 1879-2007
View Record  BIO For Fortune: William Fortune (1863-1942) A Hoosier Biography Latham, Jr., Charles
View Record  977.2 I28g Forty-Second Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1895-96
View Record  915.5 R03f Founders and Patriots Society, Register of Society
View Record  Founders and Patriots Society; Founders of Early American Families: Emigrants from Europe 1607-1657 [Revised Edition] Colket, Meredith B.
View Record  Founders of Early American Families: Emigrants from Europe, 1607-1657 Colket, Meredith, et al
View Record  Fowler-Mundy Cemetery (Perry Township, Marion County, Indianapolis, IN) Collection
View Record  ETH IRI Hah Fractured Emerald: Ireland Its legends, its history, its people, from St. Patrick to Bernadette Devlin Hahn, Emily
View Record  917.3 R18fe Frakes Chronicles, The; Cataloging 150 Years of Military Service, 1750-1900 Frakes, George Rogers
View Record  France: The Time of the French in The Heart of North America Balesi, Charles J.
View Record  Frankfort (IL) Area Genealogical Society - Quarterly: Volumes 11 & 12, 1986-87
View Record  Franklin Central High School Dedication Program; 6 Nov. 1960
View Record  977.2 H29h Franklin Township "Area Old Houses"
View Record  977.2 M22 F Franklin Township - Various Cemeteries Reading
View Record  Franklin Township High Schools, Graduates of, Marion County, Indiana: 1890 to 1942 compiled by Ron Darrah
View Record  977.2 M28f Franklin Township Schools, History of, 1988
View Record  Franklin Township Street Map Lions Club
View Record  Franklin Township: Celebration Of Learning [Updated History of Franklin Township Schools] N/A
View Record  INDPLS FRK TWP Fra Franklin Twp.: A Scrapbook: Fact, Fancy and Photographs about Franklin Township, In celebration of our 25th Anniversary, 1976-2001 Franklin Township, Marion County, Indiana Historical Society
View Record  Franklin Twp: A Celebration Of Learning FTHS
View Record  Franklin Twp: From Indiana Trails To Interstates Ostheimer, David T.
View Record  977.2 H29t Franklin Twp: Historic Treasures of
View Record  Franklin Twp: Humble But Historic--WPA Outhouses Hendricks, Sylvia
View Record  977.2 M28f Franklin Twp: Readin', Writin', and Rememberin'; History of Franklin Township Schools
View Record  Franklin Twp: Souvenir Calendars, 1984 & 2009 FTHS
View Record  920.1 G35f Franklin, John -- An American Hero and His Progeny Franklin, D.
View Record  BUS PUB SAF FOP Fraternal Order of Police, Indianapolis Lodge 86; Annual Business Directory 1964 FOP
View Record  Frat ORG Sch Fraternal Organizations; The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Institutions Schmidt, Alvin J., Babchuk, Nicholas (editor)
View Record  Freedom and Slavery Documents in the District of Columbia; V.1 1792-1806; V.2 1806-1816; V.3 1816-1822 Rogers, Helen Hoban
View Record  ETH AF AM Cli Freedom's Road: A History of the Black People in Indiana Clifford, Eth, and John McDowell
View Record  Friendens United Church of Christ N/A
View Record  IMM Eno From A to B: Migration Research: Birds of a Feather Enochs. Richard
View Record  BUS MEDIA Vau From Crystal To Color WFMB Vaughn, Gene (editor)
View Record  From Indiana Trails to Interstate Franklin Township Historical Society
View Record  From Memories to Manuscript: Five-Step Method of Writing Your Life Story Neubauer, Joan
View Record  IND ATL Bak From Needmore to Prosperity; Hoosier Place Names and Folklore History Baker, Ronald L.
View Record  917.5 I16f From Paddle Wheels to Propellers Fishbaugh, Charles Preston
View Record  BUS INS Het From the Days of Knights: A History of American United Life Insurance Company 1877-1977 Hetherington, James R
View Record  IND VAND CTY McC From Then Til Now; History of McCutchenville McCutchan, Kenneth P.
View Record  ETH GER Por Frommer's Comprehensive Travel Guide: Germany '91 Porter, Darwin
View Record  Frontier Indiana Cayton, Andrew R. L.
View Record  355.3 US19u Frontiersmen in Blue; The United States Army and The Indian, 1848-1865 Utley, Robert M.
View Record  977.2 M21f Furniture Makers of Indiana, 1793-1850 Walters, Betty Lawson
View Record  Future Water Service of the City of Indianapolis; 1923 Leonard Metcalf
View Record  Galloway: Samuel Galloway Family, Vol 2, Bk 3 Unk
View Record  Gateway to the West: Volumes I and II Ruth Bowers
View Record  929.1 R03h Gathering the Family William Holtz
View Record  Geist Reservoir Deed Records Indpls Water Co.
View Record  017. R03ho Ala-N.Y. Genealogical and Local History Books in Print - ALA through NY Compiled and Edited by Marian Hoffman
View Record  017. R03ho N.C.-Wyo Genealogical and Local History Books in Print - N.C. through WY Compiled and Edited by Marian Hoffman
View Record  929.709 US03h Genealogical and Local History Books in Print: Family History Volume Compiled and Edited by Marian Hoffman
View Record  IND ATL Ye Genealogical Atlas of Indiana Franklin, Charles M.
View Record  917.5 A25e Genealogical Atlas of the United States Everton, George
View Record  Genealogical Computing; Quarterly Journal: Volumes 17(4); 18(1); 19(3); 20(3); 21(1,2,3); 22(2,3,4); 23(1,2,3); 25(1)
View Record  Genealogical County Map of the United States Everton Publishers
View Record  ETH GER Jen Genealogical Handbook of German Research, Vols. 1 & 2 Jensen, Larry D.
View Record  Genealogical Helper, The: 1973(Mar,May,Jul); 1974 - 1981, complete Everton's
View Record  Genealogical Helper, The: 1982 - 92, complete Everton's
View Record  Genealogical Helper, The: 1993 - 2001, complete; '04(Nov/Dec); '05(May-Aug); 06(Nov/Dec); '07(Jan-Apr); '08(Jan/Feb) Everton's
View Record  Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey: Complete with Indexes, 1990 thru 2008 Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey
View Record  UT Jau Genealogical Records of Utah Jaussi, Laureen R and Gloria D Chaston
View Record  METH Wri Genealogical Research Essentials Wright, Norman E and David H. Pratt
View Record  977.2 M03g Genealogical Research Guide for Marion County, Indiana 1997
View Record  ETH ENG Gar Genealogical Research in England and Wales, Volume 1 Gardner, David E and Frank Smith
View Record  Genealogical Research on the Internet, "Netting Your Ancestors" Cyndi Howells
View Record  Genealogical Research: Methods and Sources Rubincam, Milton (Ed.)
View Record  929.1 R03sr Genealogical Research: Methods and Sources, Vol. 2
View Record  Genealogical Sources: Reprints from Indiana Magazine of History; 1979 Riker, Dorothy L.
View Record  Genealogist's Address Book, The: 4th Edition Elizabeth Petty Bentley
View Record  METH Cro Genealogist's Companion & Sourcebook Croom, Emily
View Record  Genealogist's Encyclopedia, The Pine, L. G.
View Record  METH Car Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your Female Ancestors Carmack, Sharon DeBartolo
View Record  Genealogist's Guide to Washington D.C. John Heisey
View Record  Genealogist's Handbook: Modern Methods for Researching Family History Wright, Raymond
View Record  METH Mel Genealogist's Question and Answer Book Melnyk, Marcia
View Record  Genealogy and the 3R's: Using Indiana School Records Ron Darrah
View Record  929.9 R03j Genealogy as Pastime and Profession Milton Rubicam
View Record  Genealogy by Willard Heiss: Feb & Oct. '79, Apr '80, Feb & Jul '81, Aug & Nov '82, Oct '83, Feb & Apr '86 Willard Heiss
View Record  917.5 US03g Genealogy Correspondence Resource Guide
View Record  Genealogy Help, Hints, and Hope John Heisey
View Record  Genealogy Online Crowe, Elizabeth
View Record  Genealogy Online for Dummies Matthew Helm
View Record  Genealogy Presentations Lux, Irene E. & Mayer, Phillip M.
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Records: 601 to 800 of 2536