Genealogical Society of Marion County

Photo Collection

Below are photos that our members have submitted. We are looking for additional Marion County items like these. Do you have a photo cubbyhole that needs examined and posted?

St. Bridgets 1926 Commencment
Donated by Maureen Duncan:
         St. Bridgets First Communion (both about 1918)               St. Bridgets 1st Comm. 1926            St. Bridgets Graduation 1926
St. Bridgets Class of 1919          IPS School #46 Class of 1931      Lain Business College 1920s  
1907- Grover Redington & Palmer
     Stockwell, Indpls Light & Power

Donated by Sharon Hinchman:
   Silver Nook Reunion 1938

Donated by Jennifer Baker:
   Abraham Lincoln School #18
   Indianapolis Public School
   Graduation Class of June 1926